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Meet the cheesemaking goats of Rocamadour

Grand and sacred Rocamadour has no less than two UNESCO World Heritage churches in its cliff-clinging collection of ecclesiastical architecture. It’s been a place of pilgrimage since the Middle Ages and it’s also the birthplace of Rocamadour Cheese, and the only place with permission to produce it authentically.

So once you’ve toured remarkable Rocamadour, have an afternoon at Borie d’Imbert, the lovely local farm where they make the unique ‘little goat’ cheese. Cheesemaking is close to alchemy at this level, so watching the production process is pretty magical for kids. Though nothing compares with meeting the flock of goats whose milk defines the distinctive flavour of Rocamadour. After that encounter kids tend to be happy to have a taste: admittedly goat’s cheese is a bit ‘love it or hate it’, so try tender palates with a small piece spread on toast with a little honey.

Find out more about Rocamadour Cheese, only made in the Dordogne Valley

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