Jamaica is the island for rainforest bobsledding, wild river rafting, waterfall climbing, treetop ziplining and subterranean caving. It’s fantastic at enormous waterparks; considers flip-flops formal-wear; doesn’t have a cut off point when it comes to beautiful beaches and thinks of jungle safaris as downtime. No surprise to find older kids love holidays here, and you only have to look at the endless variety of teen-centric activities to see Jamaica loves them right back.

On a practical note, direct UK flights to both Kingston and Montego Bay take from just 10 hours, which is almost short-haul for the Caribbean. You’ll find family-friendly resorts and hotels all over the island. And when it comes to planning, Visit Jamaica couldn’t be more helpful, right down to recommending outdoor adventures aimed at impressing the most extreme-seeking teenagers. Take a look at their top seven for starters:

© Reggae Horseback Riding - Visit Jamaica

1/7 Reggae Horseback Riding, Negril

You don’t need any experience to ride at Reggae Horseback. The horses are famously gentle, guides friendly, and anyway, the stunning loveliness of their 900 acre estate tends to set a peaceful pace for two hours meandering in the saddle. The only surprises are good ones, like spotting Jamaican parrots or picking local fruit in season. And the big finale of a ride along the beach is a fantastic only-in-Jamaica memory for kids. Just make sure phones are charged to capture every unforgettable moment.


  • Little London, Westmoreland
  • 20 minutes’ drive east of Negril.


  • Two hour guided ride round 900 acre eco-estate, and one mile of south coast beach.
  • Suitable for kids age five and over, no riding experience needed.

Cost: Two hour estate and beach guide ride, from £55 per person.

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