Stunning beaches come naturally to the Caribbean. But even in the stellar company of the world’s finest, the Cayman Islands’ are in a league entirely of their own. There are beaches for water sports, shores for safe swimming, acres of sand given over to picnics and cookouts, starfish strewn secrets and kite-surfing legends. A few are true romantics, but most are made for tiny toes and barefoot adventure for even the most demanding family. Here are some of the finest all-rounders from Grand Cayman in the west to Cayman Brac in the east and adorable Little Cayman, somewhere in between.


1/9  Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Hard as it is to believe, there’s one beach in the Cayman Islands more famous than all others put together. Seven Mile Beach covers almost the entire west coast of Grand Cayman. If you wanted to snap on a Fitbit and stride its length, you’d find it was really just six and half miles, but the challenge would be walking from end to end without stopping.

Seven Mile Beach is the beach of distractions from exquisite resorts to charming waterfront restaurants. Two parts in particular to mention are Public Beach and Governor’s Beach. Public Beach is where the action is as it’s the place for volleyball tournaments and playground equipment. Cabanas provide shade and the perfect place for a half-time picnic. Governor’s Beach on the other hand is ideal for the sole purpose of lazing around doing nothing much at all.

What’s fun for families: Snorkelling in the shallows.

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