One of the best things about a family holiday with Intrepid Travel is the chance it gives kids to really experience other cultures and countries, meet new people, make friends, try different foods or even pick up a few words in another language.

Intrepid Travel specialise in small-group family holidays, so you also have the pleasure of getting to know other families. And, because each group’s assigned an expert local guide, you’ve practical help and friendly advice on hand whether you want shopping tips or a bit of insider knowledge on menu choices.

Finding unusual and authentic family activities on holiday depends on a lot of know how which is exactly what Intrepid Travel have and they’re masterful at deploying it in search of fascinating stuff to do and see. From learning calligraphy in Japan to making dumplings in China or tucking up for the night in a treehouse in Thailand, almost nothing that’s possible is impossible on an Intrepid Travel family holiday.

If you need proof, take a look at 10 of their favourite, kid-approved, family activities right here:

1/10 Learn to make – and play – a traditional panpipe in Peru

Peru is packed with unforgettable stuff: ancient ruins which look like they’re straight out of Jumanji; colourful markets filled with amazing sights; phenomenal street food and, of course, the Amazon Rainforest - plus llama, alpaca and vicuna popping up all over the place.

But as far as unforgettable experiences go, it doesn’t get much better than a meet ‘n’ greet with local musicians who’ll show kids how to make their very own Zampona (authentic Peruvian panpipe), then teach them how its played. Also known as Sikus, Zamponas are made using bamboo shoots or cane, and heard in traditional music all across the Andes – so young travellers get to take home their handmade panpipe, some local heritage and a new skill.


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