Family Vacations to Washington

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Washington State – Family Vacation Guide

Washington offers families a lush and beautiful coastline, views of snow-capped mountains and hip cities for exploring.

Why Go to Vacation to Washington

  • Lush Landscape

    Overgrown forests, rugged beaches and coastline, and snow-capped mountains make Washington a natural setting for a vacation.

  • Location

    Washington shares a border with Canada, where it is easy to cross into Vancouver for an international mix to your vacation.

  • Coastal Area

    The state’s entire west coast is on the Pacific Ocean.

Where to Go and Stay


The vibrant and funky city is a big draw to those wanting a base camp for visiting the state. Here is where the famous Pike Place Market sits, with fish fresh from the sea tossed to waiting chefs and would-be diners. You can explore the city’s underground pioneer beginnings at Pioneer Square, and get closer to the sea life at Seattle Aquarium.

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Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park, spreading from the sea to the mountains, features scenic drives worthy of a road trip across the Olympic Peninsula. You’ll find waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, beaches and ginormous trees visiting this area of the state.

Mount Rainier National Park

Located in the Cascades Mountains, Mount Tacoma, aka Mount Rainier, stands at nearly 14,500 feet. Visible from across most of Washington, this volcano welcomes hikers in the summer and winter snowshoeing in the winter. Towns near the mountain, south of Seattle, include Eatonville and Elbe, where you may find accommodations.


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San Juan Islands

Think a movie setting was in New England? Often times, the setting you saw was filmed on the shores of the San Juan Islands. Located in Puget Sound, island hopping by ferry or kayak to witness the marine life, eat fresh seafood and enjoy the quiet life in a vacation rental is popular amongst visitors. Most of the land is part of San Juan National Park, so it’s protected to enjoy for generations.

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What to Do

  • Space Center, Seattle

    Seattle’s Space Needle and Monorail is one of most oft-visited attractions in Washington State, with restaurants, shops and parks surrounding it for families to enjoy the area all day.

  • Mount St. Helens

    Perhaps you were a child and remember when Mount St. Helens blew her top? Today, a monument stands to remember the fateful day, and has become a recreational place for families to enjoy. Hike around the volcano, visit the Johnston Ridge Observatory to look into the crater, and learn more about the power of volcanoes.

  • San Juan Islands

    Explore more than 400 islands and 478 miles of shoreline by canoe, kayak, boat or ferry in the San Juan Islands of Puget Sounds. You’ll see lighthouses, enjoy festivals and artwork from local artisans, and find tours for hiking, horseback riding and other adventures.

Getting Around with Kids in Washington State

The expansive state of Washington is best scene by renting a car to explore its nooks and crannies. If visiting the San Juan Islands, boat is your method of travel, while ditching a car and throwing on comfortable walking shoes works for Seattle and other cities, not to mention the mountain and beach hikes.

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