Best Places to See the Northern Lights With Kids Best Places to See the Northern Lights With Kids

If you’ve never experienced the northern lights, close up is the best way to do it. Away from light pollution and the hustle and bustle of daily life, you’ll find several ice hotels that show aurora borealis at its best.


Courtesy of Asaf Kliger, ICEHOTEL

1/9 Sweden: Icehotel

It’s the world’s original ice hotel, and Icehotel Sweden is an unbeatable place to view aurora borealis. It’s 70 miles from Abisko National Park, known for being a top viewing spot for the northern lights. The hotel has both warm and cold rooms for accommodations – yes, you can stay in a room surrounded by ice. They recommend you do at least one night in each room type. But if you’re there only for the lights, consider their Northern Light photography package or view the lights from snowmobile – both adventures you can book from the hotel’s website.