Why Your Kids Need to Eat Their Vegetables - Family Traveller (USA)

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Do you have a hard time getting your kids to eat their vegetables? A warning to picky eaters everywhere: According to a recent study published in a medical journal, a teenage boy in England went blind after subsisting on a diet of Pringles, white bread and French fries. It's a chilling lesson for parents of kids who only want to eat buttered pasta. But here's the good news: You can't ask for a better opportunity than travel to expose your kids to healthy food and good eating habits.

We tapped into Erin Gleeson, the author of "The Forest Feast" cookbook series, who knows a thing or two about local, fresh ingredients (and eating out with kids!). During her travels, she says she always inspires her young kids to be more adventurous eaters by cooking and shopping for food together. "In each new place, we go to the grocery store and buy stuff to cook at home," says Gleeson, who tells Family Traveller that she likes to think "that they're being exposed to lots of different things that somehow sink in."

She also takes her kids to visit farmers markets, farms and restaurants with farm-to-table dining. "It really helps to get kids to try new things," she says.

Another technique she uses is to explore traditional foods while traveling. "The regional dishes for each country have so much history in them that it makes farm-to-table eating using local ingredients a really rich, unique experience for kids."

Here, Gleeson shares a few spots serving healthy food both close to her California home and from her travels abroad. These places are sure to turn any vegetable hater into a good eater.