The Best Pizza Place in Every State

Last updated 12th February 2019

Whether you’re a thin crust lover or a deep disher for life, there’s a slice for everyone. From classic pies to unique topping combos, we’ve picked out the best pizza place in every US state to be your definitive guide.


Bibb Street Pizza Company (Montgomery, Alabama) serves some of the best New York-style pizza you can find in the state. Offering three different sauce bases (Tomato/Pesto/Bianca), the options are endless.


Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria (Anchorage, Alaska) offers weekly pizza specials curated by their kitchen. Our pie of choice? The Honey Badger, which has it all: garlic oil, mozzarella, provolone, spicy fried chicken and red onions, all topped with a drizzle of honey. 


Foodstagrammers will love Lamp Pizzeria (Scottsdale, Arizona) for their pizzas that beg to be photographed before you take your first bite. Tapped with ricotta, pepperoni and homemade sausage, these pizzas will guarantee all the “likes” and make your friends hungry!


DeLuca’s Pizzeria (Hot Springs, Arkansas) makes their dough by hand daily, so the quantities are limited. Their menu has fourteen unique pies along with a selection of nine meats you’re welcome to add on. Be sure to go early, that fresh dough does run out!


Pizzeria Mozza (Los Angeles, California) offers famous slices to a city filled with famous people. Pizzeria Mozza has built up quite the reputation using top quality ingredients from the Golden State. Go for the toppings, stay for the crust!


Blue Pan Pizza (Denver, Colorado) serves up an array of different kinds of pies to satisfy everyone in your hungry crew. They’ve got Detroit-style, Italian thin-crust, a Chicago cracker crust and even an oversized New York-style slice.


The crown jewel of pizza in Connecticut, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana (New Haven, Connecticut), has become so popular you can also find them in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Their White Clam Pizza is a staple on the menu and it’s famous for a reason.


Grotta Pizza (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware) has upwards near twenty locations within the state so it’s easy to stop by and grab a hot slice. Each pizza is loaded with a ton of gooey cheese and topped with a red tomato swirl.


Pizzeria Del-Dio (Orlando, Florida) has been bringing the New York-style slice to sunny Orlando for years. Originally from Brooklyn, you can count on Pizzeria Del-Dio to give you that homemade tomato sauce taste with hand-tossed dough.


Don’t miss the award winning pizza Bruni at Deano’s Italian Grill (Dublin, Georgia). The brick oven-style pizza comes in two sizes and is filled with fresh mozzarella, capicola and sausage with hints of basil and red onion.


Flatbread Company (Paia, Maui, Hawaii) is unique for a number of reasons. All dough is made daily from 100% wheat and topped with their organic wood-fired caldron tomato sauce. Their attention to detail when it comes to ingredient selection is worth the trip alone.


Mancino’s Baked Subs & Pizzas (Nampa, Idaho) has a pizza called “Pride” and they could not be more proud of it. It has everything, and we mean everything! Pepperoni, sausage, ham, ground beef, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives and green olives.


Deep dish lovers might disagree, but Vito & Nick’s Pizzeria (Chicago, Illinois) totes the best Chicago-style thin crust slice you will find in town. This cash only establishment is no frills, authentic pizza and that’s how their customers prefer it. Pro tip: egg toppings are only offered on Fridays.


Mother Bear’s Pizza (Bloomington, Indiana) is this college town’s go to place for pizza. Check out their meat lovers’ pie: “The Divine Swine” filled with imported ham, ground sausage, Hoosier ham and smoked bacon. Or choose another pie from their length five page menu.


Zipp’s Pizzaria (Adair, Iowa) does pizza their own way and Iowa loves it! Unique styles include: Taco Pizza, Reuben Pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, Chili Dog Pizza, even Crab Rangoon Pizza. This place has personality in their pizza names: The Bomber (local high school sports team) and Old Smiley (the city’s water tower).


Back Alley Pizza (Newton, Kansas) does a brick oven-style pie with made from scratch dough and sauce. This explains why it’s popular not only for tourists, but locals as well. Their “BAM” pie has red sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


The sweet spot for pizza in Kentucky is Pizza by the Pound (Paducah, Kentucky). That’s because they use honey in their dough recipe. But it doesn’t stop there. Each pie comes with a side of honey to dip your crusts in once you’ve finished, so you’ll never see an unfinished crust left behind again.


Johnny’s Pizza House (Shreveport, LA) is known throughout the entire state, and for good reason. They cut their slices in rectangles and any local recognizes that the toppings are a nod to local cuisine. If you like shrimp, crawfish, Andouille sausage and crab, then this is the place for you!


Pizza by Alex (Biddeford, Maine) has been bringing Greek-style pizza to Maine for over fifty years. Offering just one size (a personal ten inch) Pizza By Alex churns out pizza fast, unless you make a request for the “old oven,” as locals are known to do.


Joe Squared (Baltimore, Maryland) is known for their coal-fired sourdough crust. Their Crab Pizza is a Maryland staple with roasted garlic cream, crab, cilantro, zucchini, red onion, egg, mozzarella, provolone and cheddar.


Casa Pizzeria (Ludlow, Massachusetts) has created a pie with the perfect blend of sweetness from the ripe tomatoes used for the sauce mixed with fresh basil and chopped garlic. Add in a little extra virgin olive oil and Casa Pizzeria has quickly become a neighborhood favorite.


Buddy’s Pizza (Detroit, Michigan) has been making The Original Detroit Style Pizza since it was created in the 1940s. The trick with these traditionally square cut slices is that all the toppings live underneath the sauce. 


Pig Ate My Pizza (Robbinsdale, Minnesota) has been heavily featured in the media and with good reason. Whether it’s classic or speciality, each pie on the menu is desired by all. Their Bay O’ Pigs is a cuban sandwich inspired pie, complete with mustard gruyere sauce, pulled pork, ham, mustard pickles (yum!), a cheese blend and adobo powder.


Pizza Shack (Jackson, Mississippi) wants to promise you one thing: real pizza. This awarded established uses fresh ingredients and promises quality in every bite. Don’t miss out on some of their more unique creations like the Thai Chicken Pizza.


Minky’s Pizza (Kansas City, Missouri) has a total of eighteen locations and it’s still not enough. This awarded establishment has fifteen special style pizzas, plus a novel long list of optional toppings. Try the Prime Cut if you aren’t afraid of meat: Pepperoni, hamburger, American and Italian sausage, topped with mozzarella and bacon strips (of course).


Moose’s Saloon (Kalispell, Montana) is the pizza place where “everyone belongs.” These saloon doors have been swinging open for over sixty years offering the area the hands-down best pizza around.


When it comes to Nebraska’s pizza scene, Zio’s Pizza (Omaha, Nebraska) is “the place.” Each pizza has hand-stretched dough, all of which is made fresh daily. One look at their extensive menu and you know why they’ve opened four locations in the past thirty years!


Pizza Forte (Las Vegas, Nevada) knows just what Las Vegas pizza needs to be: fresh and fast! Which is impressive considering each pizza is made from scratch, complete with amazing seasonings, ingredients and sauces. It’s not often you see a pizza place offer individualized toppings on a slice. 

New Hampshire

Alley Cat Pizzeria (Manchester, New Hampshire) has a menu that won’t lead you astray. This thin-crust, New York-style pizza is served hot and made to order. Run out and get yourself an Alley Cat pizza right meow…. er now!

New Jersey

Lombardi’s Bar & Restaurant (Cedar Grove, New Jersey) somehow achieves the impossible: Standard pies that taste like nothing you’ve had before. These thin-slice, New York-style pies are affordable, shareable and highly devour-able. You’re going to want to try the Chicken Pizza (available in scampi, francaise, marsala or parmigiana).

New Mexico

Ask any local New Mexican and they’ll tell you that spicy green chile is the name of the food game in this state. Head to Dion’s Pizza (Albuquerque, NM) to try the local delicacy on their classic pizzas. Opt for the Duke City (cheddar, turkey, green chile and parmesan) or stick with a classic and dip your crusts in their to-die-for Green Chile Ranch dressing.

New York

Famous Joe’s Pizza (New York, NY) is famous for a reason. Serving the “quintessential slice” for over thirty seven years, this establishment is the real deal. Full size or by the slice, this place is “no nonsense” and an absolute must for the New York experience.

North Carolina

Pizzeria Mercato (Carrboro, North Carolina) has gotten everyone’s attention, even the James Beard Foundation. Their beautifully curated pizza menu boasts local, seasonal ingredients, which is why the menu might look different upon each visit. It’s not enough to say each pie is special, but truthfully each bite!

North Dakota

Rhombus Guys (Fargo, North Dakota) has thirty four different kinds of pizzas for you to try. And that’s not even including their dessert pizza for after dinner. It’s no wonder the crowd favorite The T-Rex (marinara, pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon, beef, bacon and mozzarella) leaves customers roaring high praise.


Brier Hill Pizza at Saint Anthony’s (Youngstown, Ohio) is considered holy by any pizza lover in Ohio. Located in a deeply rooted Italian community, Brier Hill pizzas are from a homestyle recipe in the Basilicata region of Italy. That means each pie is loaded with “Sunday sauce,” bell peppers and romano cheese. Brier Hill is not just a part of the pizza scene, it’s a part of Youngstown’s culture.


Sam & Ella’s (Tahlequah, Oklahoma) family-friendly business has pizza that will make you dig your fork into the side of that pretty little souped up fresh crust bite. Oh, and did we mention Carrie Underwood used to work there back in the day? Choose from their speciality pies or create your own. One tasty pizza and a whole lot of charm, coming right up!


You know a pizza place is beloved by locals when they refer to it simply as “The Dream.” American Dream Pizza (Corvallis, Oregon) has an artsy vibe that is casual and quirky. The fun flavor combinations pair beautifully with the garlic-buttered crust that features a cornmeal bottom. Featuring artwork painted by local artists displayed on every single chair in the multiple locations, this place is more than just a restaurant favorite….it’s a dream come true.


Revello’s Pizza (Old Forge, Pennsylvania) features the town’s signature style: each order is rectangle shaped. Oh, and here it’s called a tray not a pie, and don’t say slices instead say cuts. Once you’ve got ahold of the lingo, you can enjoy the delicious ingredients that have been the same for over 50 years.

Rhode Island

Al Forno Restaurant (Providence, Rhode Island) features four signature pizzas: Margarita, Calamari, Mushroom Duxelles and Pepperoni. These pies are grilled to perfection. Just a suggestion: Go with a party of four and order one of each!

South Carolina

Locals here swear by Ristorante Juliet (Charleston, South Carolina). They elevate classic pizza flavors by adding ingredients like truffle, lemon ricotta and figs. Parents will also love the fun atmosphere and their lengthy beer, wine and cocktail list.

South Dakota

South Dakota’s oldest pizza place is also it’s best. Charlie’s Pizza House, Inc (Yankton, South Dakota) has been around since 1959 and after one bite you’ll see why. Their motto here is “Every pizza is made with love and served with pride.”


The Main Street Pizza Company (Johnson City, Tennessee) features a menu that will have you drooling before you even get to the ordering. Quality and unique ingredients come on every pie. Like the Spicy Chicken Alfredo Pizza, which is the pizza we never knew we needed so much!


Pie Society (San Marcos, Texas) has it all: Speciality Pies, Customized Pies and “The All-Seeing Slice.” The clever menu is filled with never-seen- before combinations at affordable prices. Fine pizza dining is no longer just for the high society!


The Pie Hole (Salt Lake City, UT) has whatever you want, whenever you want it. Everyone needs a late night slice from time to time and The Pie Hole is happy to provide just that. Cheese, Pepperoni, Pepper & Basil, Potato Bacon, even Vegan slices. They’ve got it all!


Piecasso (Stowe, Vermont) offers so many options, they’ve divided their menu into Veggie Speciality and Meat Speciality. Or if you deem yourself a pizza artist, feel free to customize your own. These pizzas taste so good you’ll be ordering seconds before even finishing the first.


Crozet Pizza (Crozet, Virginia) is the best kept secret in town. Literally! The dough and sauce recipes are a family secret. This establishment has been using locally sourced ingredients since 1977 and this pizza joint is considered a staple in the Crozet community.


That’s A Some Pizza (Bainbridge, WA) is iconic when it comes to Washington State. A quick 30-minute ferry ride from Seattle is all it takes to try this famous pizza. Locals know the secret to success is their 120-year old sourdough starter.

West Virginia

Lorobi’s Pizza (Saint Albans, West Virginia) is about as old school as it gets. This cash-only spot has a retro style dining room where you can enjoy a large pie at a low cost. If you’re looking for a classic where you can get your usual favorites, this is the spot.


Wild Tomato Wood-Fired Pizza and Grille (Fish Creek, Wisconsin) has a product mission rooted in quality ingredients that respect our natural environment and a social mission committed in respect for each and everyone in the company and community. Check out the monthly Donation Creation: for each specified speciality pizza, Wild Tomato will donate $1 to charity.


Pinky G’s Pizzeria (Jackson, Wyoming) serves you the best whole pizzas in Wyoming until 11PM, anything after that is by the slice. Stop in for the Funky Chicken (the pizza, not the dance move). Or you might just end up doing the dance move while listening to some of the fantastic musicians that play throughout the week.

Washington DC

Jersey-style pizza goes to a whole new level at All Purpose Pizzeria (Washington DC), which serves personal size pizzas cooked in a gas-deck oven. Among the most popular are The Buona (mozzarella, pepperoni topped with a chili-honey drizzle) and The Handsome Dan (garlicky clams with bacon, lemon and parsley). The perfect place for a bite for sports fans since one location is situated directly across from the Washington Nationals’ baseball stadium.

By Jeffery James Dinan