4 Great Adventure Trips for Teens

8th April 2019
Kara Goldin, an avid traveler and the founder and CEO of the healthy, naturally flavored water company Hint, has embarked on daring trips across the globe with her four teenagers. She shares four of their all-time favorite family adventure trips.


Belize has the ideal mix of eco-tourism and action sports. This trip was “a little bit of rainforest and a little bit of beach,” as my youngest son said. A major highlight here is cave tubing, where you float down rivers in the filtered jungle light past stalactites above and underground waterfalls below. We even got to see a crystal cathedral of the ancient Maya.

The Mayflower Bocawina National Park has the longest zipline in Belize and it offers a great aerial view of the rainforest, plus a rush of adrenaline like few we’ve experienced. We felt like we were flying through the jungle treetops like Tarzan and Jane.

At the beach, we stayed at Matachica Resort & Spa. It’s nice to add a bit of relaxation to the trip while still offering plenty of adventure opportunities like swimming and snorkeling to rev up our appetites for the delicious fresh sustainable fish dinners.

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