Why my kids fell in love with this amazing Hua Hin hotel

Last updated 28th March 2024

Best Western Plus Carapace Hotel Hua Hin promises guests, ‘serenity of the sea’. But how does that work for families? Travel writer, Nunticha Pocky, recently put it to the test with her three young kids and here’s the verdict.


Milin’s birthday surprise, Best Western Plus Carapace Hotel Hua Hin

Sitting on a tranquil beach just south of bustling Hua Hin, Best Western Plus Carapace Hotel Hua Hin is a nice slice of escapism that lets you dip easily into colourful Hua Hin itself. It’s really not much of a surprise that this is one of the most popular mainland beach resorts in Thailand, it’s easy to reach from Bangkok by road or rail; the beaches are beautiful and, if you’ve got slightly older kids and you want to explore, there’s plenty of opportunity for that.

My twin boys are three years old, and my daughter, Milin, has just turned five (keep reading for more on her Hua Hin birthday celebration), so we didn’t go much further than the hotel itself this time. Although I’ve visited Hua Hin before and have a long list of must-sees for when my kids are a little older, because we’ll definitely be back, especially now we know Best Western Plus Carapace Hotel Hua Hin is so good for families.


One bedroom suite, Best Western Plus Carapace Hotel Hua Hin

My first impressions of the hotel?

I didn’t expect the hotel to be so close to the beach, but it actually sits on the sand, so that was an excellent first impression for me. Another big plus point was how modern, fresh, bright and spotlessly clean it was, everywhere.

The colour scheme is lovely too, very warm and natural, nicely designed but not too much, so we all felt really comfortable.

I was surprised at the size of our one-bedroom suite, there was more than enough room for my lively kids and we’d asked for an extra bed, which was ready and waiting when we arrived. We had two bathrooms, very welcome, and our balcony overlooked the pool, which the kids loved, of course.

But Milin had the biggest surprise of all. Somehow, the hotel staff had found out it was her fifth birthday the day before we arrived, and they’d decorated her bed with flowers and spelled out ‘Happy Birthday Milin’. She was as delighted as you’d expect and it was such a thoughtful touch and really set the tone for our entire break here.


Aqua Play Zone Waterpark

What did my kids like best about our Hua Hin stay?

I have three beach babies who love the sun, sand and sea, so they were thrilled to be this close to the beach and able to play there any time. I particularly liked the fact that it was so private and I didn’t have to hover over the kids all the time.

But they also couldn’t believe the Aqua Play Zone with all its waterslides and play equipment. The great thing is that it’s only 60cm deep so even the twins could walk around safely, again, super-good for moms like me.

Next time we stay – and there will be a next time – I’ll be sure to make more use of the gorgeous lagoon pool and beachfront pool myself. This time it was all splashing around with little ones and making sure everyone stayed hydrated – easy to do at the hotel’s pool bar which served up ice cold drinks, as well as tropical fruit juices.


Pizza by the pool

How did the hotel score with my hungry children?

The hotel’s Biscay restaurant couldn’t be better for kids. Big, bright and lit with natural light it was a great place to start the day, which can always be a bit of a fuss with just woken-up kids. It’s open all day so families can eat when they need to, which is almost always on the children’s clock.

And in the evening, buffet style dinner was just right after a day in Aqua Play Zone or on the beach. Everything we ordered was delicious, the seafood and Pad Thai especially, but the pizza was the real stand out. Normally, I never order the same food in the same place twice, but you have to try pizza here. My kids loved it, and so did I.


Beach, Best Western Plus Carapace Hotel Hua Hin

What did our Hua Hin days look like?

On our arrival day, after a super-easy check in and the kids exploring their new Hua Hin home, it was straight to the pool and playtime.

Our first evening we had dinner at Carapace Beach Club which is so close to the sand we went for a walk after eating to watch the sun set. It was beautiful, but the kids were more excited by the fact that there were horses on the beach too.

On day two, after breakfast at Biscay restaurant, it was back to the pool. We had lunch at the Carapace Beach Club and afternoon tea too. Then, because the weather was so nice, we went to play on the beach for an hour or so before a quick nap in our room and back to Aqua Play Zone until dinner time.

We even managed to fit in an hour of waterslides before heading for home on our last day.


Milin, Aqua Play Zone Waterpark

Would I recommend Best Western Plus Carapace Hotel Hua Hin for families?

I don’t even need to think about this question, it’s a great hotel for families: beachy, friendly, comfortable and the staff really can’t do enough to make you feel at home, which is always really welcome with kids.

Obviously the Aqua Play Zone is an enormous bonus, our kids were hardly ever out of the water. Nearby cabanas and sunbeds mean parents can relax a little while still keeping a close watch on the water babies.

We were also really impressed by the children’s menus, not just at the Biscay restaurant, but at the Carapace Beach Club too.


The end of another beachy day at Best Western Plus Carapace Hotel Hua Hin

What really stood out about our family break?

The staff were wonderful, very professional and focused on great service, but also gentle, friendly and smiling all the time, which made the kids and me feel so comfortable.

But, it’s Milin’s highlight that we’ll always remember. Her surprise was so cute and I know she’ll never forget her fifth birthday at Best Western Plus Carapace Hotel Hua Hin. And again, we have the amazing staff to thank for that.

Now find out for yourself why families love Best Western Plus Carapace Hotel Hua Hin