Top 11 places in Singapore to excite, entertain and educate your kids

Last updated 23rd March 2024

There’s no shortage of attractions in Singapore, but which ones will really wow your kids. We recently tried and tested the top things to do in Singapore with our children. And here’s our top pick for engagement, excitement and a little education too.

ArtScience Museum: top of the digital attractions in Singapore

Housed in a lotus-inspired building, the ArtScience Museum on the edge of Marina Bay is home to a permanent exhibition: Future World. This is definitely one of the attractions in Singapore that’s aimed squarely at kids. So yours can look forward to digital exhibits such as a virtual aquarium and a digital city where they can immerse themselves in a world of art, science, magic and metaphor through a collection of interactive installations.  

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Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Do you have a budding geologist in the family? Or a future natural historian? Then let them loose in the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

Here they can explore the wonders of Singapore’s shores, from dinosaur fossils to the Earth’s ecosystem. With over 2,000 natural history specimens on display, they’ll be amazed to find a specimen of the now locally extinct Changi tree and a sperm whale, under the same roof. In fact, it’s more like a trip back in time than a dusty natural history museum and watching the earth’s diversity emerge is a fascinating experience, and not just for kids.

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National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore: a favourite with local families

A firm favourite with local families, the National Museum of Singapore is packed with permanent and one-off exhibits to keep kids entertained. Among the downloads to explore before you go, try the ‘Get Curious: My Family’s Stories’ Kit. Here you can discover stories from different generations of your family through a set of conversation cards covering six topics and featuring  images from the museum’s  ‘Home, Truly’ exhibition.

Don’t miss the ‘Story of the Forest’ interactive exhibit, and, the beautiful Wings of a Rich Manoeuvre: eight kinetic chandeliers that sway dramatically in mid-air.

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Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Gardens By The Bay: the most iconic of attractions in Singapore

Best described as a horticultural treasure trove, the Gardens By The Bay are set in the heart of downtown Singapore and home to a collection of over 1.5 million plants from every continent, except Antarctica.

With its award-winning cooled conservatories and iconic Supertrees, it’s an enthralling experience and a showpiece of garden artistry. Plus, from the flower dome to the cloud forest to the OCBC Skyway – suspended between two Supertrees 22m above ground – there’s nowhere else on Earth like it.

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National Gallery Singapore: Keppel Centre for Art Education

National Gallery Singapore: Keppel Centre for Art Education

With hands-on activities designed just for kids, the Keppel Centre for Art Education allows them to playfully create in a dedicated. As well as plenty of galleries to explore, there’s also range of children’s workshops, including one where they make their own virtual sculptures,

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Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore: a top fun learning experience

From learning about electricity to understanding gravity, the Science Centre Singapore offers endless corridors from which you can discover 11 themed zones.

Head up to the treehouse, play on the organ to create music with science, or learn about DNA with 3D glasses. Then finish off with fun at water play or the digital planetarium. 

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Night Safari

Things that go bump in the night? It’s the Night Safari…

Singapore Zoo Night Safari: a world first for family attractions in Singapore

Known as the world’s first nocturnal safari, this after dark adventure is an open air zoo that houses 2,500 creatures of the night.

Climb aboard the guided tram ride and you’ll come face-to-face with nocturnal animals like tapirs, pangolins and clouded leopards.

Discover the nightly routine of leopards, lions, civets and porcupines and be amazed as otters, binturongs, civets and other animals reveal their natural talents at the Creatures of the Night show!

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Children’s Museum, Singapore

Children’s Museum: one of the newest family attractions in Singapore

Newly opened in December 2022, the Children’s Museum Singapore invites even its youngest visitors to learn through play. Children are encouraged to touch, smell and feel as they journey back through time to learn about the history of Singapore in the most fun way imaginable. Plus, there’s a soft play reward for toddlers at the end. 

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Museum of Ice Cream, Singapore

Museum of Ice Cream: the sweetest of attractions in Singapore

The Museum of Ice Cream gives kids the chance to jump around in a giant pool of sprinkles. Then it teaches them the history of the world’s favourite sweet treat using 12 multi-sensory installations. And finally it offers unlimited ice creams from around the world, including dairy-free.

This pink palace is the epicentre of frivolous, flavoursome fun, and comes complete with a vintage diner and unicorn playground.

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Singapore’s MINT Museum of Toys

MINT Museum of Toys: Asia’s largest vintage toy museum

MINT Museum of Toys is the largest vintage toy museum in Asia. It’s ever-growing collection currently contains over 50,000 items, and the exhibits from over 40 countries will instantly fascinate your children, while possibly taking you on a trip down memory lane! And, from action heroes to first-edition comics, spacecraft to superheroes, there’s something for everyone. 

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River Wonders, the world’s largest freshwater aquarium

Mandai River Wonders: enter the Amazon flooded forest

Welcome to the world’s largest freshwater aquarium, Mandai River Wonders. When the forests along the banks of the Amazon River become submerged in over 10 metres of water, manatee, arapaima and other aquatic creatures take that as a cue to gorge themselves on the forest’s abundant resources. The aim is to build fat reserves which will tide them over during the dry season, when food is scarce. Watching this incredible natural phenomena unfold in front of their eyes never fails to astonish kids. 

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