Cameron Martindell - Family Traveller (USA) Cameron Martindell - Family Traveller (USA)

Adventure Correspondent Cameron L. Martindell is a freelance travel and expedition writer, photographer and filmmaker focused on family and adventure topics. He and his wife Jordan are based in Boulder, Colorado, and are parents to Rosie, 3, and Rey, 3 months. Visit Cameron’s personal travel page, Off Yonder.

What's your favorite vacation destination as a family? Ugh, favorites. Always so difficult. We have traveled lots as a family and have had a blast from camping on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, road tripping to Maine for the summer, camping in Sequoia with my brother's family, attending a wedding in the San Juan Islands, and so much more.

What's your favorite vacation destination as a couple? This is a little easier. Before kids, my wife and I would spend a lot of time in Breckenridge skiing. I taught my wife to ski and we had a blast together. She loves the rolling slopes of Peak 7 and I can usually find some hidden patches of steep and deep snow on the upper mountain. We also had an amazing trip to Switzerland together for our first anniversary.

Your first family vacation memory with your kids? With Rosie born in January, we had a few short trips to the mountains in the winter with her. Then, that summer at 6 months, we hit the road from Colorado for the Southwest. Camping all along the way we visited Zion, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, dipped her toes in the Colorado river at Lee's Ferry where the rafting trips launch, and worked our way back through Four Corners, Durango, Buena Vista and home. Whew!

What’s your kids favorite vacation? At just 3 years old, her memory of our adventures are limited, but when prodded she said she likes visiting Auntie Lizzie's house for Thanksgiving and visiting with her cousins in San Diego.

What would you take on a desert island? My family, duh. We'll go all Swiss Family Robinson on that island.

What’s on your family vacation wish list? Japan and Montana.

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