Top 5 Travel Destinations for Children with Autism - Family Traveller (USA) Top 5 Travel Destinations for Children with Autism - Family Traveller (USA)


Travelling with a child who has autism can be challenging. Families need to think about many things when planning a family vacation: They need to look at resorts that are family-friendly, offer many activities for all children, have staff trained in autism awareness and more. Choosing the right destination for your family is also key, as you want a place with restaurants that can cater to special diets and children with food aversions.

Family travel is an important time to relax, recharge, make memories, and bond with children, and all families deserve the opportunity to take family vacations. With 1 in 68 children now being diagnosed with autism, destinations need to make sure they are accommodating to everyone.

Here is a list of the top five places to travel with children with autism:

Courtesy of LOCK + LAND, Chip Litherland for Legoland Florida Resort

Legoland, Florida

Located in Winter Haven, Florida, this destination has two resorts: a theme park and a water park. Lego lovers will be thrilled to immerse themselves with all things Lego. To assist families with autism, Legoland Florida offers several special accommodations. Legoland's Blue Hero Pass can be requested at the guest services desk; the Blue Hero Pass enables guests and their child with autism access to a separate shorter “quiet line,” while waiting for an attraction. This can greatly reduce the anxiety and stress of waiting in long lines for attractions. In addition to the Blue Hero Pass, Legoland offers guests with autism access to quiet rooms. These rooms are available to guests whose children with autism are having sensory overload issues in the parks and need a quiet, sensory-friendly area to calm themselves down. In the quiet room, guests have access to weighted blankets, noise-cancelling headphones, fidget toys and of course, Legos.