13 Underrated European Cities for a Family Vacation

11th October 2019

Sure, you’ve been to Paris, London, and Rome. But how about these totally amazing but lesser known locations?

Europe is the gift that keeps on giving—with so many vibrant, culturally rich places to visit you really can’t go wrong when choosing a destination. While it might be tempting to eat crepes in Paris for the 20th time (and hey—we wouldn’t judge), why not try one of these totally awesome, family-friendly, under-the-radar spots instead?

1/13 Bonn, Germany

Get a bit of everything Germany has to offer in this charming town on the Rhine: World War II history, museums galore, delicious authentic cuisine, churches, and gorgeous architecture. It’s also the birthplace of a certain famous musician named Ludwig van Beethoven. His childhood home has been preserved as a museum where visitors can see original scores, paintings, letters and instruments, including his grand piano.

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