6 Secret Spots on Virgin Gorda Island Not to Miss - Family Traveller (USA) 6 Secret Spots on Virgin Gorda Island Not to Miss - Family Traveller (USA)


Imagine a white-sand island that’s home to movie stars and billionaires, yet affordable to visit with a family. Virgin Gorda is one of the four main islands that makes up the British Virgin Islands, but it has an identity all its own. From volcanic boulders and old mine shafts to crystal clear waters, the island has many stories to tell. I’ve lived in Virgin Gorda all my nineteen years of life and I can’t seem to get enough of it. Here are six of my favorites that are not to be missed.

Best Adventure: Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda

Sprinkled with boulders, this stretch of white sand is one of Virgin Gorda's loveliest and it features some of The BVI's clearest waters. This beach is ideal for families, offering areas perfect for a picnic, natural pools and calm waters. The more well-known Baths are usually crowded, so this nearby hidden gem is a wonderful alternative.

Best Restaurant: CocoMaya

CocoMaya is the most iconic beach front dining. It is beautifully decorated, with a fantastic menu, great drinks, scenic ocean views and a friendly staff. They are known for the tastiest ribs on the island. On Sundays it has karaoke nights where you and the kids can sing your heart out.

Best View: Gorda Peak, North Sound Virgin Gorda

This national park is the island's highest point and features a variety of indigenous and exotic plant life. Gorda Peak is a moderately easy hike with a seriously picturesque reward at the end. There's a picnic table about halfway up, and a slightly precarious (yet perfectly safe) wooden lookout tower at the summit that enables hikers to gain that last bit of necessary elevation to peek over the tree line.

Best Beach: Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay is a long and pristine stretch of sand, perfect for relaxing, swimming and taking in spectacular sunsets. Wonder why it’s so unique? It is the shallowest beach on Virgin Gorda, making it an ideal spot for little swimmers. Not to mention, it’s one of the quietest beaches in the area. Relax with the whole family or invite friends and host your own beach party.

Best Sweet Treat: Sips Café

Smoothies, ice-creams, milkshakes and cakes galore! You can’t go wrong at Sips. From Snicker Chocolate Shakes to Cotton Candy ice cream, kids will want to buy the whole store (and luckily, the affordable prices mean you practically can). It’s also one of the only places on Virgin Gorda to find cappuccinos and other coffee delights.

Best Water Activity: Kayaking with Blue Rush Watersports

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush in the British Virgin Islands, look no further than Blue Rush Watersports. They offer the most diverse water sports activities like flyboarding, paddle boarding and jet skiing. My personal favorite: kayaking on the calm, turquoise bays.

By T'Keyah Richardson