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8 Tips for Visiting a Rainforest with Kids – And Where to Go

Last updated 16th May 2018

Rainforests filled with jungle wildlife, from monkeys to iguanas, are increasingly becoming a must-see on family vacations. From teens needing to be wowed when traveling to young kids ready for adventure, a trip to a rainforest excites most and leaves lasting impressions. Todd Smith of AdventureSmith Explorations, has been taking exploratory trips with his family for years, with his tour company leading families on similar adventures. He offers these tips to families interested in jungle exploration.

Take It Slow

Exploring a rainforest environment includes traversing through streams, climbing muddy hills, and navigating through dense trees. Keep the pace slow enough for kids to manage, and plan to begin in the early-morning hours when the temperatures are cool and the wildlife is out and about. Finish with a picnic lunch or a local spot near the rainforest, and then spend the afternoon on another adventure.

Involve the Kids

Kids love to be a part of the planning process and making decisions on their travels. Talk to your children before you set off and find out their interests, as well as provide them with kid-friendly guides and games (often on websites) to help them understand the rainforest and know what to look for when they are there.

Make It Educational and Fun

You can help your kids learn about the environment in a fun way by making games of identification charts of plants, animals and other sites. Provide kids with their own travel journal and binoculars and invite them to take the lead on explorations.

Travel by Boat

The heat, humidity and tough terrain of the jungle can be difficult to manage, especially for younger children. Consider kayak or boat tours where lakes and canals are available, such as Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica, or even small ship cruises in the Amazon.

Meet the Locals

During your visit, take time to visit a local village or school and interact with the friendly and welcoming people, many of whom are happy to play games or invite you into their homes for coffee. Many resorts and tour groups incorporate programs with locals into their itinerary.

Stay in a Resort with a Pool

Eco-lodges, the majority of options for families traveling to the rainforest, may not have air conditioning. Look for one that has a pool so kids can cool off and relax when spending days in the heat and humidity.

Caimans and sharks inhabit the waters at Tortuguero National Park

Utilize Family Guides

Guided tours are certainly the best option when exploring unfamiliar jungle lands. Be sure you request guides who do family trips and can provide lessons and fun for young ones.

Travel with Families

Whether in a group tour or a multigenerational trip, you will all enjoy the vacation even more with other children for the kids to interact with and other grownups in which to share experiences.

Where to Go

Todd Smith and is family have traveled to many great rainforests, and AdventureSmith provides family tours to destinations like Costa Rica, Panama, Hawaii and Ecuador, with small family cruises to the Amazon and the Galapagos.


Learn more about rainforest tours by visiting the AdventureSmith website.