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7 Spectacular Ways to See the Northern Lights by Sea

Last updated 30th October 2019

Northern Lights travel experts Off the Map Travel has launched a collection of experiences that allow travelers to view the magical Aurora from the water. “We have found that water can enhance the experience of hunting for the Northern Lights, adding relaxation, excitement and even spirituality,” founder Jonny Cooper says. “Our programs have been designed and refined with this in mind and reflect the distinctiveness of each location where we travel.”

The seven itineraries in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland give guests a choice of travel opportunities including viewing from a luxury yacht or kayak, from the ice on a frozen lake, while looking down over the fjords, or while floating in the Arctic waters. Let the “Aurora on the Water” adventure begin!

1/7 ALONG THE VIKING TRAIL (Lofoten Islands, Norway)

Search for the Northern Lights from a kayak in Northern Norway. From the comfort of a sturdy double kayak and accompanied by an experienced guide and photographer, guests will embark on a nighttime adventure to explore local waters and hunt for the Northern Lights.

Details: Priced from $2479 USD per person based on four people, a four-day itinerary includes Aurora sea kayaking, transfers, accommodation in a secluded luxury lodge, a horseback riding tour along old Viking trails, a snowshoe hike in the mountains and a beachfront sauna under the Arctic skies. Flights are additional.

2/7 ARCTIC BATH SPA (Harads, Sweden)

View the Aurora from a new floating spa and hotel frozen into the ice of the Lule River. The world’s first Arctic floating spa, Arctic Bath, opens the doors to its cabins and spa this winter. Guests will be able to enjoy wellness, mindfulness and cleansing treatments and can gaze at the sky from the deck of the floating spa building. For a unique experience, look upward as you float in the cold natural plunge pool in the Arctic Bath’s center.

Details: Priced from $4964 USD per person, the four-day/three-night program includes accommodations in a floating cabin, breakfast daily, five-course dinner nightly, a guided Northern Lights hunt, transfers and spa. Flights are additional.

3/7 SAIL UNDER THE AURORA (Tromso, Norway)

Relax on a luxury catamaran while searching for wildlife by day and search for the Northern Lights by night. Giving guests a greater connection with the Arctic environment, this water-based Northern Lights hunt also offers a chance to catch your own dinner to be prepared and cooked by the onboard chef, learn navigation skills and even take the helm of the catamaran.

Details: Priced from $1982 USD per person the four-day/three-night program includes hotel accommodations for two nights, one night aboard a luxury catamaran, a guided snowshoe hike, fishing, wildlife and Northern Lights experience, cruise and transfers. Flights are additional.

4/7 AURORA FLOATING (Rovaniemi, Finland)­­

Lie back in a frozen lake to experience the Northern Lights and Arctic night sky. Outfitted in special clothing and a dry rescue suit, guests float comfortably in a newly cut hole in the ice in a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Details: Priced from $1553 USD per person, a three-day itinerary includes the Aurora floating experience, transfers, a night in an individually carved Ice Suite at the Arctic Snow Hotel, a stay at the Arctic Light Hotel, a husky ride and a polar night reindeer safari. Flights are additional.


Capture the glow of the Northern Lights in the water of a spectacular waterfall and reflected in the pool below. Guests join an award-winning photo guide for an exclusive Aurora photography master class at a waterfall while searching for the perfect “double shot” over the tumbling water and in the reflection below

Details: Priced from $2354 USD per person, a four-day/three night itinerary includes an exclusive Aurora and water photography adventure, transfers, accommodations in Reykjavik, a visit to the Blue Lagoon, city sightseeing and an exclusive guided photography tour. Flights are additional.

6/7 LIGHTS AT THE LODGE (Narvik, Norway)

Hunt for the Northern Lights while looking over a Norwegian fjord. Traveling in a new gondola, guests will rise above the  mountains above Narvik while looking down on the waters of the local fjord. The destination, the Lights at the Lodge venue, affords a warm, indoor spot to search for the Northern Lights where an onsite expert provides information about the Aurora. Additional viewing platforms outdoors offer further space from which to enjoy the main event.

Details: Priced from $1733 USD per person, a four-day/ three-night itinerary includes the Lights at the Lodge experience, transfers, hotel accommodations, a cultural Sami and reindeer experience, and a guided Northern Lights hunt. Flights are additional.

7/7 VOLDA FLOATING LODGE (Tromso, Norway)

Experience the Northern Lights from the comfort of a floating home. Using Scandinavian design to create modern, comfortable accommodations for up to 14 guests, the converted ferry is moored in a secluded bay near Tromso Island. Surrounded by the night sky, mountains and the water of the fjord, travelers will catch the Northern Lights reflected on the water as well.

Details: Priced from $2359 USD per person based on four people, a four-day/ three-night itinerary includes three nights at the floating home, all meals, a personal hostess on board, dog sledding and a Northern Lights hunt. Flights are additional.

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