Fresh, innovative and exciting Beaches Resorts might seem brand new, but they’re actually over 20 years old. Their first resort opened in Negril in 1997, launched one of the country’s most generous all-inclusive packages, and set the tone for two decades in which Beaches have managed to entirely redefine Caribbean holidays altogether.

They still offer the best all-inclusive deals, they’re still the most generous, and still the only resorts to include unlimited water sports and land sports, as well as amazing waterparks, dozens of restaurants and free kids camps, year round. But that’s far from all they’ve achieved. If you’ve missed out on the past 20 or so years, now’s the time to catch up fast on seven other ways Beaches Resorts have completely redefined all-inclusive family holidays in the Caribbean.

1/7  The Caribbean’s best and biggest waterparks

Beaches Resorts Pirate Island Waterparks are enormous, and easily the most exciting in the Caribbean. They have taller and faster rides, chutes and slides. The lazy rivers are longer and lazier, pools come in greater varieties, and even the snacking potential is superior in every possible way: think ice-cream machines, 50s style diners, swim-up soda bars, and beach grills, as standard.

The only Surf Simulator in the Caribbean

Other resort waterparks stopped competing years ago. Why bother? Every time anywhere else thinks they have the Pirate Island formula taped, Beaches simply come up with something new and incredible: like several thousand feet of additional space or the Caribbean’s only Surf Simulator.

Up to 27,000 square feet of waterpark, and all for free

Naturally up to 27,000ft² of waterpark takes a bit of time to fully explore, which is fine, you have all the time in the world. Like just about everything else, the free run of Pirate Island is included in every all-inclusive family holiday: yet another brilliant innovation from Beaches that no other Caribbean resort has managed to beat in the past 20 years. 

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