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Kid friendly Whistler has the most amazing off-mountain activities this winter

Last updated 14th March 2024

Whistler ski resort is like no other, anywhere, but did you know how family-friendly it is off-mountain too? We went exploring and found so much to do, it’s a wonder anyone has time to ski on family vacations.


Family snowmobiling, Whistler ski resort

It’s fun on and off-the-mountain at Whistler ski resort this snow season

Not only is Whistler ski resort North America’s largest, it has one of the longest seasons – you can expect snow here in March and April. Its spectacularly beautiful location includes not one, but two, stunning mountains: Whistler and Blackcomb. And all this rugged magnificence is a mere two hours’ drive from Vancouver and surrounds charming Whistler Village: easily one of the world’s friendliest and most vibrant mountain communities.

Bring your spirit of adventure is an open invitation Whistler extends to families. And if you want to do nothing but ski, it offers some of the most challenging and incredible skiing on earth. However, most families come with younger members, so kid friendly Whistler ski resort also has endless activities to fill every minute when you’re not skiing.

Here are just a few reasons why those in the know say Whistler is as much fun off-the-mountain as on this winter.


Whistler ski resort has some of North America’s longest ziplines

Zipline Tours: kid friendly Whistler has North America’s longest ziplines

Whistler has the longest ziplines in North America. Try an eco-adventure on the Ziptrek Bear Tour: four ziplines connected by suspension bridges, boardwalks and trails, for the fun of zipping and time to look around. Or, after a day on the hill, treat kids to the wonders of ziplining by the gleam of the alpenglow on a Ziptrek Winter Après Tour.

Whether you want magic, sheer exhilaration, speed or long, long zips, Whistler has the perfect zipline tour. And no previous experience is necessary because you and your kids are in expert hands, and safety is always a priority.


Gear up for snowmobile adventures

Family Snowmobile Tours: a Whistler take on a great tradition

Kids love snowmobiling, so it’s no surprise to discover that Whistler excels at family snowmobile tours. Bundle children up cozy and let the fun begin. Groomed backcountry trails provide just the right mix of adventure and comfort so even younger snowmobilers enjoy the ride. And for added excitement, bold older kids can flex their independence riding Mini-Z snowmobiles round a specially designed track.

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Togetherness is tubing at Whistler ski resort

bubly™ Tube Park: 1,000ft of fast and easy sliding fun at Whistler ski resort

Sometimes kids just want to slide. No fuss, just sheer fun. That’s what bubly™ Tube Park is all about. And when we say ‘all’, we’re talking all 1,000ft of sliding thrills.

No equipment or experience is necessary – tubing’s a lot easier than tobogganing. And if you want a little more magic, you can even slide after-dark under a big, starry sky. bubly™ keeps the lights on for you and the park’s a quick gondola ride from Whistler Village.


Try family cross country, feel like Olympians

Whistler Nature Parks: family-friendly Nordic skiing and snowshoeing

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Whistler’s nature at your own pace – or the pace of your little ones. Snowshoeing and Nordic cross country skiing are very much family activities at Whistler. And it couldn’t be easier to pack a picnic and make a day out on the trails with kids.

  • Lost Lake Park is a short walk from Whistler Village. More than 18 miles of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails give you plenty of scope for adventuring. Several easy one to two mile round trails are ideal for families, or first timers. And there’s equipment rental on-site – a blissful bonus for parents.
  • Whistler Olympic Park is the local Nordic legend and only 30 minutes from Whistler Village. A host venue for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, it offers over 75 miles of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails. All skill levels are covered and even snow loving dogs are welcome on some trails. It’s another park with stunning views and equipment rental, as well as a Day Lodge and café.

Audain Art Museum, Whistler Village

Whistler museums: the best type of indoor adventures

Unbundle kids, shake the snow off their boots and take them indoors at Whistler ski resort to discover some of the most extraordinary museums and cultural centres in Canada.

  • Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre sits on the shared traditional territories of the Squamish Nation and the Lil’Wat Nation. It’s the first centre of its kind in Canada and celebrates the living culture of both Nations through exhibits, art, craft workshops, film and first person narrative. Take the fascinating guided tour – kids will love the hands-on activities. Then explore at your own pace and don’t miss the Thunderbird Café.
  • Did you know that one of the most expensive works of art ever auctioned in Canada has a permanent home at Whistler ski resort? Browse the stunning Audain Arts Museum and you can see The Crazy Stair by Emily Carr in the permanent collection of more than 200 British Columbian artworks spanning over a century.

Vallea Lumina, Whistler ski resort

Vallea Lumina: winter fantasy at Whistler ski resort

Staying up late is all part of the fun vacation vibe for kids, but Whistler ski resort takes that to another level altogether in Vallea Lumina. This 45 minute forest walk is filled with stardust, moonballs and magical bears. Woodland creatures and countless other surprises light up the night every step of the way. And it’s kids will be enchanted by the story of a little girl and her grandfather discovering wonders on a night walk just like theirs.

Of course, it’s not just for children. Vallea Lumina is only 10 minutes from Whistler Village by free shuttle bus, so even parents get to chill and enjoy the fantasy.


Whistler Village, Whistler ski resort

Whistler Village: the fun heart of your family vacation

Every day of your family ski vacation begins and ends in Whistler Village. The vibrant living heart of the community, it’s a place to meet, eat, shop and play almost non-stop. Kids may never want to leave and that’s easy to understand when there’s so much happening that’s designed with them in mind.

  • Some of the world’s finest stores mix with a mellow Whistler mood, so the Village can even convince kids to come shopping.
  • Safe pedestrianised streets lined with restaurants, cafés and shops create a warm and friendly community atmosphere.
  • You’ll find family friendly activities day and night, from cozying round a firepit to skating and sliding.
  • Live music is another Whistler Village tradition. Don’t miss local celebs and great gigs at favorite family restaurants.