Young Travel Writers 2015

Thomas Fitzpatrick, 10

Last updated 21st July 2022

Author: Thomas Fitzpatrick
Age: 10

I went with my family on holiday to Florida. It was amazing! I had a week in Orlando, where I visited the Disney parks and Universal studios. My absolute favourite park was Hollywood studios. After a week of riding roller coasters and watching stunt shows we travelled down to the beach at Fort Myers, where we stayed for 3 weeks.

It was great. There were stingrays in the ocean, so I had to do the ‘stingray shuffle’ in and out of the sea to make sure I didn’t step on them. I went on a trip to the Everglades and went on the gator tour. Those alligators are huge! They were right next to our boat and I could just see their big eyes staring at me. Mum was really scared! I also went on a boat tour and was able to see dolphins and manatees living in the wild. The dolphins swam along side the boat. I was allowed to steer the boat for a little bit.

During our stay at the beach there was a hurricane, so we had to  evacuate and move to a hotel  more inland. All the beach houses and hotels had to board up their windows. The wind was really strong and it rained and rained. The sky was really black, even in the middle of the day. It was  frightening. Then after the hurricane passed we went back to the beach hotel and carried on the holiday. The waves were massive so we couldn’t swim in the sea for a few days but there were a lot of surfers enjoying the waves.

The night before I flew home we stayed in Clearwater and we went to visit ‘Winter’, the dolphin in the movie a dolphin’s tale. Seeing the props from the movie was cool. There was also a hurricane simulator, I went in but didn’t really need to as I had just experienced the real thing!!  The flight home was really long but I watched movies. My holiday was fantastic and I cant wait to go abroad again.