Young Travel Writers 2015

Roxanna Talbot-Ashby, 7

Last updated 20th July 2022

Roxanna Talbot-Ashby young writer

Author: Roxanna Talbot-Ashby
Age: 7

I love to go to great yarmouth with my mum and dad and sister and brother because we go every year and it makes me feel so excited in my tummy. I always take my bear and we pack our own bag the night before we go. Mum takes us to get our travel sweets and I get even more excited.

The Daddy wakes us up in the morning and we get in the car with our pillows and go to great yarmouth. Daddy always sings ‘I can see the Sea and the sea can see me’ when we get there, then we go to our caravan. I love the caravan the best. We stay at Vauxhalls caravan park, my mummy used to stay here when she was my age too. I play with my sister and we argue about who has which bed in the little bedroom. Mummy and daddy get excited too and we go out to get lunch. We always walk down the front to see the beach, and we can see the fun-fair which makes me so so happy.

I always want to everything on the first day, but daddy is tired from the travelling, so we go to the club house and have chips, then go to the awesome caravan to play board games. I never win, but my little sister does. Otherwise she might cry for years. I love going on holiday, and I love beach day when we go to the beach, have ice-creams and look for crabs with daddy and shells with my brother. Its the best time ever and everyone in the world should go to great Yarmouth. The beach in yarmouth is very nice and not stony.

There is lots to do in great yearmouth like Ripleys believe it or not full of cool wierd things, there are two fun fairs, one for smaller kids, and one for big kids, there are lots of places to eat, and lots of arcades along the front. I like the 2p machines. I also like the crazy golf, but mum gets mad when dad cheats ad tells him to start again and we laugh. We like getting hot donuts at night and walking along the long street full of shops called regents road. I am going to buy my best friend a purse next time I go with her name on it. I love Great Yarmouth because it has so much stuff to do, you should go tomorrow.