Young Travel Writers 2015

Devon Hickley, 11

Last updated 23rd July 2022

Author: Devon Hickley
Age: 11

After a late new years eve an early start was needed and packing was tiring as we had to pack lots of warm clothes. After a very short plane ride we landed in Ireland and were boarding a bus to find our hotel.

This is when we first realised they liked children in Ireland as they let me on for free! We soon found our hotel and went straight to sleep after a busy day. We had an early start and went down for breakfast because we needed to pick up our 2 day Dublin pass. Once we had them our first visit was to the wax work museum. My favourite model was Michael Jackson.

Next we went to a Viking museum and we went up a big old tower so we could look out at the whole of the city. Then it was a long walk to the Guinness museum which was my dads favourite as he got a free pint! I had a coke but it was inserting to see how the Guinness was made. For dinner we went to the Hard Rock Cafe where I bought a special Leprechaun pin to add to my pin collection. Everyone was really friendly.

Then it was back to the hotel for an early night it had been a long day and we all had sore feet. The next day we went for a big buffet breakfast in the hotel and again they let me have mine for free! We had to catch a bus today as we were going to a really old jail. At the bus stop a man started talking to me and kept saying “are you alright dude?”. He sat next to us on the bus and was talking really loudly, I think he had drank too much Guinness! We he got off he gave me 2 euros which was nice. There was a big queue for the museum and we had to wait a while to get in. That was ok though as we went to the cafe for cakes.

The jail was quite scary and our guide told us lots of stories about the prisoners. Some were just children who had only stolen a loaf of bread as they were starving. We went back to the city and went to a couple more museums and then did some shopping. I bought a couple of toys with my christmas money. We were all tired so had dinner in the hotel which was very nice especially as my dinner was free again! The next morning we left for the airport and were home in a couple of hours. My trip to Dublin was really cool and I learnt a lot about history and we met lots of friendly people.