Young Travel Writers 2015

Cain Jones, 9

Last updated 17th July 2022

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Author: Cain Jones
Age: 9

Dec 19th 2014 – we were finally going abroad! We had all been waiting for this day to come we had always been to places in the UK on holiday. But this was special from the airplane flight to the foreign food it was all going to be amazing! The flight was so good I sat next to the window all the way I could see mountains sea and the clouds were like cotton wool.

My mum was scared but we looked after her and she was fine. When we got to our hotel I couldn’t wait to jump in the pool and to be honest every day was pool day for me I LOVED it! The beach was beautiful and I tried lots of different food. The harbour had lots of big ships and you could even travel to Lanzarote if you wanted to . This holiday was Out of this World! I loved Fuerteventura