Young Travel Writers 2015

Teagan Swain-Watkins, 8

Last updated 20th July 2022

Author: Teagan Swain-Watkins
Age: 8

On the 10th of April 2015 I went to Porthcawl with my Mam, sister, Grandma, my friend, her Mam and her brother.

We stayed in a caravan in Trecco Bay. First when we all got there we started to unpack and then for a minute me and my friend watched telly and made loom bands and then went to bed. The next day we went to the beach, me and my sister, and my friend built a sand castle. A moment later we got back to the caravan to dry off.

Then we went to this awesome fair. Me and my friend went on the waltzer!!! It was so fast that I was crying and I banged my head, my friend was alright. After a minute we went to the chip shop, I had to take a tablet in a jam tart and I drank a glass of water. I was so full and we saw donkeys and houses on the beach. I thought it was great fun! Two days later in the night, me, my friend, my Mam and my sister, my friends Mam and her brother all went to the club house. It was so much fun, we played games and watched the grown-ups dancing and singing on the stage, and there was two characters called Sid and Lizzie. My sister had a teddy of Lizzie from the shop. When the club finished we got ice-creams, I had chocolate. When we got back to the caravan we went to bed. Then we had to go, I didn’t want to, I missed Trecco Bay.