Young Travel Writers 2015

Lucas Moor, 9

Last updated 21st July 2022

Author: Lucas Moor
Age: 9

I didn’t know what to expect we had only been on holidays in the uk before. It didn’t start well when my mum kept setting off the airport security alarm. Everytime she walked through beep beep beep! They eventually gave up on her. The plane journey went so quickly it was strange to see yourself above the clouds but before we knew it we had arrived in Sicilly. The police in the airport didn’t look like our police and drew their guns at a man in the airport which was a bit scary and I didn’t understand anything they were shouting.

We then had a three hour coach trip which seemed like a boring thing to do after being on a plane. There were lots of interesting things to look at on the journey, this place did not look at all like home. Finally we arrived to a place with lots of colourful flowers and where mums suitcase broke on the cobbles. Our mini house was really really nice much nicer than our home. For the next week I don’t think I have smiled more ever. We swam in pools and the sea. We did archery, roller skating, quad biking, rock climbing, we even had a circus skills lesson. Maybe the best thing was that we were allowed to stay up late there were shows to watch in a giant tent or a kids disco on every night and so many restaurants to try.

I was unsure of the food for the first day but when you try it it is nice but I didn’t try the pasta with the black sauce it looked yucky but mum said it tasted very nice. I didn’t really want to go home it was so lovely and warm and full of really kind people. I was a bit sad when I got home for a few days it was so cold too. Mummy says that travelling makes your life richer I don’t really understand what that means but if you get rich from travelling I want to do lots of it.