Young Travel Writers 2015

Millie Yasities, 10

Last updated 23rd July 2022

Author: Millie Yasities
Age: 10

Last year my family took me and my sisters to Cornwall. The weather was rainy and grey to start with and our tent nearly flew away at Tintagel. We went to see Merlins cave and we found some fabulous fossils.

When the sun decided to come out we packed up our tent and made our way to Marazion to go to St Michael’s mount. It looked very old and i thought it might be haunted. I also wondered how we would get there as it is in the middle of the sea! We got on a boat and sailed across, it was very exciting! We went in the gates and listened to a lady telling a story about the giant who lived on the mount.

we then went in the castle. I loved the old furniture and one of the guides taught me some cornish. after looking at the castle we went into the gardens. It felt like we were on a tropical island as there were lots of palms. We then went with mum and dad to go back to marazion beach. i asked if we were getting a boat. my mum said no we were going to walk. I was very surprised! how could we walk in the sea??! I then saw the walkway above the sea, also known as the causeway. as we walked along it i picked up shells. We spent the rest of the day playing in the sea on marazion beach and eating icecream!

The funniest thing of the day was when my sister Maddie was paddling in the sea and a giant wave came in. she ended up on her bottom under the wave! My step-dad Dan had to give her his fleece to wear as she had been soaked by the sea!! we made a giant sandcastle and buried dan in the sand! i had a lovely holiday.