Young Travel Writers 2015

Poppy Sutcliffe, 10

Last updated 21st July 2022

Author: Poppy Sutcliffe
Age: 10

Snowdon Climbing mountains may sound boring, but it was actually a mad mixture of birds, fairies, hot-chocolate, lakes and even a bit of urine. So hold on tight, because this is my Snowdon adventure!

We began climbing at around ten o’clock. At that point I thought it would be easy, but an eight year old climbing for fourteen miles? That doesnt sound easy to me! Within the first half an hour, we had to stop and rest. However, I was so eager to sit down that I sat in wet bird-poo (not something I was planning to do, on my trip). About half way through, we came to a lake. It had a bridge going over it, and as we went across, I was pretending to be a fairy (remember, I was only eight). Lucky I didn’t fall in because I’m pretty sure I had just used it as a toilet, since there were none until the top, and urine is not on my list of things to taste!

When we got near to the top, there was a steep, rocky bit. Between the three of us (my mum, my sister and me) we must have fallen over, over a hundred times! But after retying our shoe-laces, at the top, we got to the café. When I had washed the bird-poo off my trousers, I sat down and had a hot chocolate, but I couldnt really enjoy it because I burnt my tongue on it. On the way down, we took a different root. I loved pigs at the time, and still do, so when I heard there was a root called the piggy pas, we had to go.

Remember the rocky bit of the other root? Well that’s what it was like nearly all the way down! So to take my mind off it, I sung nearly all the way down. I can’t imagine how annoying it must have been for my mum and sister! When we got to the end we were so relieved, but our journey didnt end there. My mum had to get a lift to the place where we parked our car. Then we went into the wrong youth- hostel. So that youth-hostel gave us directions to the right one. When we finally got there, we where so tired and hungry that we had food, set up our beds and went to sleep.