Young Travel Writers 2015

Sienna Somers, 9

Last updated 23rd July 2022

Author: Sienna Somers
Age: 9

Have you ever wanted to have a holiday in a place that’s as pretty as a postcard?  Have you ever dreamed of swimming in clear blue, sparkling water or sunbathing on golden sand?

Well, if you have, Majorca is the ideal holiday for you! Majorca is an Island in the Mediterranean sea and the largest of the Balearic Islands in Spain

I travelled to Majorca for a week’s holiday last year.  It was my first holiday abroad and I didn’t know what to expect.  Would it look the same as England or would it be totally different?

We boarded the plane in Gatwick.  I was nervous but also as excited as a monkey with a plate full of bananas!  After two hours we arrived.  The warm air engulfed me like a blanket – I was flabbergasted by the heat.  Changing into summery clothes, we made our way to the hotel.  We were staying at the Viva Sunrise hotel in Alcudia.  Although the hotel was huge, it was very pretty.  Our balcony overlooked the nearby beautiful mountain landscape.  From a distance, the mountains looked like the top of cupcakes.  An elegant river also ran past our hotel, fish dancing in the murky water.

Relaxing around the pool, I watched the tall palm trees gazing at me and when I waded into the pool, the cold water soothed my skin.  The pool was lovely but only a few minutes’ walk away was a glorious beach and that is where I wanted to spend my holiday!

Dotted around the beach were colourful parasols with their matching deckchairs.  I chose to sit on the sand which was as golden as the sun but before too long, the sea beckoned me in.

Jumping over every wave, I noticed that the water was clear.  I saw some huge fish – at first I was quite scared but I soon realised they were just enjoying the sea like me!

Majorca is not only a beach holiday, there are other exciting places to visit.  One fantastic place to visit is the Cuevas Del Drach.  When I entered the caves, I first found it a surprise how dark it was but my eyes soon adjusted.  The stalactites and stalagmites covered the cave from head to toe.  It was fascinating and beautiful.  The stalactites reached for me as I made my way around.  When I travelled to the depths of the caves, gloomy lights rose in the distance and the faint sound of classical music was carried to my ears.  Small boats emerged from the darkness and sailed us around the caves.  A fantastic experience!

During my holiday, we also visited Alcudia’s old town.  The buildings towered over me, squashed up together as I shopped in the market.  Local tradesmen sold their goods and  I bought a wobbly headed penguin and a leather purse, cleverly shaped like a tortoise.

Before I knew it, my holiday came to an end.  I recommend visiting Majorca for fabulous family fun!