Young Travel Writers 2015

Emily Carman-Meakin, 5

Last updated 21st July 2022

Author: Emily Carman-Meakin
Age: 5

We went to France on an aeroplane and we stayed in a chalet. It was very snowy and I wore my new warm Ski coat and Ski trousers. My first ski lesson was on the little hill and I was a bit scared I might fall over. I fell over sometimes but I got up again because some of the people were looking after me and they helped me.

One day I saw a Yeti on the slopes when I was skiing and he was skiing very fast. It wasn’t a real Yeti though as I could see a person’s neck and I think it was our Ski instructor Chris. At the end of the week I got a Yeti badge because I did excellent skiing. I learnt how to do pizza shapes (snow ploughs), I went on a chair lift and on a button lift. We also had fun at snow club. We went to see the huskies, we went bum-boarding down the slopes and did lots of games.

We put on a play at the end of the week for our Mummy’s and Daddy’s and I was a princess who was saved by some knights called Trumpety and Humpety. My favourite part of the week was seeing one of the ski instructors being gunged. It was really funny. I made friends with two girls that were in my ski lesson and their names were Carys and Olivia. I learnt some French words – I can say apple (pomme), hello (bonjour) and thank you (merci). One day I went up in the cable bubble with my Mummy. We had a hot chocolate and we were looking at the mountains and we were high above the clouds.

On the last day, I didn’t have any ski lessons and I went out with my Daddy. We went skiing together and my Daddy was on his board, I was on my ski’s. We went up the chair lift and we waved to my Mummy and brother who were below. At the top I told my Daddy I wanted to point my ski’s straight down and do it without him. I went really fast and I beat my Daddy to the bottom of the hill!