Young Travel Writers 2015

Josephine Rougier, 12

Last updated 21st July 2022

Author: Josephine Rougier
Age: 12

My intrepid family I left the crowded and noisy London on Friday. I was going to go to Jordan for one week. We took the Eurostar to Paris and then a plane… It took us around 5 hours by plane and taxi to arrive at the hotel, in Madhaba. Our enthusiasm had still not diminished.

The next day, we visited the village. We saw a church full of mosaics and a Roman museum. It was really great! In the afternoon, we visited Jerash: we saw Hadrian’s arch and a Roman city. There was an amphitheatre where we climbed to the top. It was so high that I could hardly get down! I can’t imagine how it would be to stay and watch a whole gladiator’s fight up there. On the second, third and fourth day, we visited Petra. A torrent of tourists was visiting. Petra is one of the 7 world’ s wonders. We saw temples; a monastery and we rode on donkeys and horses. I was on a flatulent donkey called Domnus. I think Petra is my favourite place in Jordan because the view is beautiful! The owner of a shop even wanted to buy my sister against 4 camels.

The day after, we visited the desert of Wadi Rum. A guide made us visit the desert in a jeep. It was very bouncy on the jeep and there was a lot of wind. My brother’s hat even flew away. After two hours of visiting, we all felt really thirsty and the water was now hot. To go back to the camp, we rode on camels. My dad was going on one with my small sister and my mum with my brother. My other brothers and sisters and I went on a camel on our own, rather uncomfortably… On the next day, we hiked in Dana. It was really beautiful and we saw scorpions.

After, we went to a hotel. It was called the Equolodge. The Equlodge is a hotel with no lights (but candles), and no Wi-Fi. It was good but I don’t think I would like to spend more than 1 day there. On the 7th day, we went to Bethany. Bethany was a good place to visit but in the end it was quite annoying. We saw the Jordan River and the place where the prophet Ali flew away in a chariot of fire. After the visit, we went to a luxurious hotel. It had 9 pools and you could swim in the Dead Sea. My family and I swam in the Dead Sea and we put a special mud on ourselves that gave you a soft skin. The next day was our last day. We went back to Amman and visited a Roman city. It was such a shame because it was raining on our last day. We also visited a transport museum. All the cars were belonging to the king, Abdullah II. But after one week, we had to go back home.