Young Travel Writers 2015

Isabella Broome, 6

Last updated 21st July 2022

Author: Isabella Broome
Age: 6

last year i went on holiday to grandad spains house in torraveiaja. I loved the airaplane ride but would have liked to have watched a movie on the plane. The view from up in the sky was amazing because i could see mountains, cities and the sea. When i got at spain it was very hot and i had to put on my sun cream and wear my hat. by the airport i saw an amazing butterfly. My dad said it was a swollowtail.

Then we meet my grandad and went in his car to his house. It was very hot in the car because the cold air blower wasnt working well. After that we got to his home and i couldnt wait to go into the swimming pool. The water was so amazing to cool off in and i learnt to swim under water for my first time! my holiday was fantastic because i could swim every day and it was only a little walk up the road to the icecreem shop. i liked to have 2 chocolate scoops in a dish. i did lots of day trips as well. one of my favourites was to the fair at benidorm. it had super cool, fast rides and fantastic swimming pools.

Another favourite thing was dancing to frozen in the water fountains at the new shopping centre by grandads house. you can also ride on winne the poo or angry birds there. I loved my holiday to spain and would love to go again this year but dad says the airoplane cost so much money in the summer time that we might ask grandad to come back and see us at our new house.