Young Travel Writers 2015

India-Mae, 10

Last updated 20th July 2022

Author: India-Mae
Age: 10

We decided to drive from the Isle of Wight to the Isle of Skye. What an adventure! We stayed at a camp site in Kendal where  we saw lambs frolicking and jumping happily in the field. When it came to night-time, we walked to the farm reception to pick up some wood for our camp-fire, it was really cool because it was made from an old metal car rim.

When it was bed-time mummy was worried because it was cold so cold, but luckily she bought some hot-water bottles with us. It took me a while to get to sleep, but not for my little sister -she went out like a light, and was as still as a cucumber. The next day we got up early to head to Skye. We saw some deer on the way, and the mountains were astonishing, and I kept saying that I wanted to climb every one of them (especially those with snow on top).

When we got to Skye, it was beautiful, and we saw a mountain that looked like a giant hand reaching out from the ground. My sister was hoping to see some real fairies and trolls. As soon as we got to the cottage, my sister and I ran upstairs to our bedroom- we loved it. There were loads of doors in the walls. We couldn’t resist playing at the beach that was just outside our cottage, and we found some humongous shells.

There was a map to show us some walks, so we decided to go on the one that was just down the lane. Luckily we saw some seals that looked like fat bananas basking on a rock.


Uh no the car broke down, so we had to walk to town, we did stop of at a reptile centre, and I held a small constrictor (it was a girl)  I took my binoculars (I’m mad about birds) I saw a heron, hooded crows and lapwings.

The mechanic looked at the car and told us it was fine to use on a short journey, so then Daddy took the car on a short drive to show us the otters, but the mountain road was so steep. On the way back, we lost 4th gear and nearly rolled back down the hill.

We ate some chips from the chip shop to cheer us all up, then my sister and I played chess.


Lets go back to the car ,okay so the car was towed to a garage but we had to pull over because it fell off the tow truck so we filmed it – it was hilarious. We had to keep laughing because it was quite stressful.

Day 4 & 5

We stayed for two more days and then left with a rental car. On the way we stayed at a hotel for the night the next day we set of the Isle of Wight. It was a long way,but soon we were there, and that’s our story. It had a happy ending because now we have a seven seater car that actually works, and our next adventure is to go to Italy and back again in our new car.