Gabriella’s sister Siena and her friend Amy taking a break from skim-boarding

Author: Gabriella Arney
Age: 10

It was finally 7am and we were all up and ready to go to Paignton, Devon where my uncle lives. On the way in the car Siena (my sister) did the smelliest fart ever!!! What was worse was that it was more than one! When we got there, my uncle was outside his beach hut reading a magazine so I crept up on him. It was hilarious because he was so scared when I jumped out at him.

We decided to start the day with hot chocolate and biscuits since we spotted that the tide was in, meaning that skim boarding was out of the question. Our first activity was mini golf. The course at Paignton is Pirate themed and the water around the course is blue. It looks awesome but not much fun when your ball gets stuck in it. Amy, my sister’s friend, clearly demonstrated this! For the first time ever I won! There are lots of things to do at Paignton beach, which makes it a great place to visit. We tried to do all of my favourite things in one day.

Near the golf is Paignton Pier, which is very old and not so different from when my mum used to play there with her friends. The pier is really fun because there are lots of new games that you can play, and loads that only cost 2p. At the end of the Pier is a bouncy castle and trampoline. You can also buy hot donuts and slush puppies. My favourite is blue raspberry and strawberry mix. Delicious! Next stop on our itinerary was the play park. This is quite new and has a massive zip wire, a spider web with pods to sit in, spinning plates, climbing poles, lots of big swings and many other things that I can’t remember! It is the biggest park that I have been to.

By this time we noticed that the tide had gone out so it was skim boarding time. This is a popular sport in Paignton now and my uncle, who is a surfer, was one of the first to try this sport back in the seventies! We are very lucky as we can borrow the big “Journey” boards from my uncle’s best friend John, who makes them. It was really funny as we had to teach Amy how to skimboard as it was her first time. I lost count of the number of times she fell off!

Our final activity of the day was crabbing. There is a really good spot by the rocks, which has a large pool of water, which never empties. We found some really weird sea slugs, big and small. I found the biggest crab and there were also shrimps and small fish. We had to keep an eye on the tide and make sure to rush off the rocks in time! To end the day we had a barbecue for supper and then it was time to get back in the car. Oh dear, more farts!