Young Travel Writers 2015

Adeen Naseer, 11

Last updated 23rd July 2022

Author: Adeen Naseer
Age: 11

As we travelled through busy, winding roads in our rented family car I sat feeling sorry for myself. Out of all days I had to be sick today when we were going on a day out. I started to feel uplifted as I watched as we passed beautiful scenery such as flower fields, animal farms and, eventually as we began to approach the park, huge metal sculptures of wild animals such as elephants and tigers.

Upon reaching the park we paid at the booth (I was amazed at how cheap it was)! We entered and began to explore our surroundings. The heat the sun was intense, I was bathed in sunlight and was starting to feel a lot better. Skipping the other attractions let’s go on to my favourite activity and also the title of this article -feeding the elephant. A kind zoo keeper allowed me to feed the elephant and this was surely the highlight of my day.

I was amazed at the way the elephant lifted it’s trunk to receive the sugar cane from my hand. I saw many other animals like the white tiger and large ostriches. The peacocks walked proudly, showing off their beautiful plumages. My parents and brother ate snacks bought from the chaat wala. I did not risk eating the snacks because of my tummy bug. We travelled back along the long, winding and bumpy roads as the sun was slowly sinking. I was feeling so much better.