Young Travel Writers 2015

Emily Wood

Last updated 20th July 2022

Author: Emily Wood

Hi my name’s Emily Wood and I’m here too share my story. Approximately at 13:03 we stepped of the national express train into a weekend of bliss.Unlike other family’s in school we couldn’t afford to travel abroad but that didn’t matter to us we were going to spend a whole 3 days together as a family at a local camping sight in Bridlington.

Furthermore, after setting up the blue tent we walked the 3 miles to the beach. When we got there our two dogs ran wild splashing in the refreshing sea.I stared on looking at the glistening sea and golden beach! Now this was a good day and I knew just like every year it would go far to quickly….As predicted , thee days flew by and I suddenly found myself packing the bags I knew it would be our last holiday in a while and that’ why I was more reluctant to leave than ever 🙁 At least we all had a good time 🙂