Young Travel Writers 2015

Emily Hopwood, 14

Last updated 23rd July 2022

Author: Emily Hopwood
Age: 14

Slowly, we ventured along the rugged path. Unknown to where we could end up I gazed at the breathtaking views which lay around me. Looking to my right you could see the luscious green surroundings. Utterly breathtaking! It would be a young Childs dream to explore the trees which towered way above my own height. Softly, the breeze blew the branches they waved at me like the hand of a giant. It was as if the forest itself was alive! When gazing to my left you could see the top of the decaying cliffs. My mind suddenly swamped with images of what the views would look like. To me it would be as if the world lay in my gaze.

However I was here for a family adventure. Today we had decided to venture into the unknown of the fields and forests which lay beyond the campsite. Currently we were dodging piles of cow muck while rampaging through grass which lay above our knees. For once it felt like I was happy because we were a family together. Last night was a horrid one, the English weather became typical (raining and windy). You could hear the rain hitting the tent as if bullets were falling from the sky. Despite this if you look at the sky this morning you would not believe it was raining last night. The clouds are light and wispy, moving in the soft breeze like dancing ballerinas. I get the feeling like today could be brilliant.

Personally, I love the countryside it open your eye to the opportunity that this world can provide. Slowly, the waves lapped upon the shore. If you haven’t already guessed we are upon the soft shore of Morecombe beach. The sound of the waves is so relaxing it softly echoes within my ear. Between my toes the sand gently rubs against my skin feeling as if someone is tickling me. Walking along this beach my mind is free. Thinking about it I don’t really have a care in the world at the minute. This moment seems to me like pure magic! Water hits me as my face breaks into the joy of laughter. Together as a family we are in the sea. Me and my sister are in our bikinis hair tied back. A family moment to treasure. Enjoying the simplicities of what life has to offer.

Who knew England held this beauty? The day is now coming to an end as the sun sets slowly in the distance we watch in silence. Alone, as the rest of the family have wandered to the pier but we decided to stay behind. Arrays of colours are before our eyes. Could this day have been any better? I have been surrounded by my family seeing the beauty of my own country, creating lasting memories which will stay imprinted in my brain. All good things must come to an end but I wish this holiday would last forever, memories which will never be forgotten.