Young Travel Writers 2015

Ellie Grogan, 11

Last updated 21st July 2022

Author: Ellie Grogan
Age: 11

Oh I do like to be by the seaside, oh I do like to be by the sea!

Sorry about that, I guess I’m really excited abut taking a fantastic trip to Bournemouth! In the heart of Bournemouth, that’s exactly where I’m having my luxurious holiday…

As I stepped out of the car I noticed the sun was beating warmly down on us. The surroundings were magnificent, they stole my breath away! As everybody does when they visit a caravan or hotel, have a instant, brick check around the place. I entered the spacious garden and gawped. I twas full of bright flowers galore!

Whist I rushed to get to the sandy, sun reflecting beach, my mum and dad took to strolling down the pier. Once there I immediately took off my purple Crocs and stumbled across the sand, careful not to step on any washed up stones. I began creating sand castles with my little brother – Joshua. My dad soon joined in and we made a grand castle with a running moat ‘guarding’ it. The sand felt tickly between my toes, causing me to giggle. I hurried towards the gleaming sea and realised that as the waves came gushing down, they looked like bright white horses, charging to their destination! I charged back at them, then foolishly remembered I was still in my clothes and quickly dashed out again.

I dressed into my swimming costume and dived into the salty ocean. Salty air filled my nose, causing me to crinkle my nose abruptly. This week was going to be epic! I suddenly became really bored and sat down on the sand. My mum suggested we go for a wander on the pier and have a look at the stalls/shops. I agreed and we went. I stared long and hard at a fantastic surf board. ‘No!’ said my mum, straight away, ‘but you could buy a body board between you.” So we gave the gentleman the £2.50 each (£5) and set off.

We sat down and had our dinner (I ate mine rather ravenously, so I could get into the ocean and use my body board ASAP). After stuffing down: tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches, a granny smith apple, Canadian ham crisps (my favourite) and a Penguin biscuit. YUM! I rushed off grabbed my board, sprinting into the ocean – I was so cold – I rode waves! I got unbelievably hot and so did my brother, my mum kindly treated us to a double sccop ice-cream, I gorged on toffee and chocolate at the same time! It was amazing, I’m hardly ever aloud a double scoop.

We walked back to our rented house. Up the hill my brother spotted an epic park. It had swings that made you go so high it felt like you were flying; monkey bars that made you feel like you were in the jungle and a roundabout, I was starting to feel like a double scoop ice-cream wasn’t a good idea – I was dizzy.

This week is going to be epic!