Young Travel Writers 2015

Connor Brown, 8

Last updated 21st July 2022

My grandad lives in brixham I love to go there he is funny and I miss him so when we go it’s fun I play on the pirate boats and watch the fishermen bring their fish to the shops I go crabbing with grandad and we stay in a caravan it’s really funny when it’s windy the caravan feels like it’s moving

I like watching the seagulls they are really big and if you feed them lots all come down together the people there all let me join in shouting About things for sale on the market and think that I would be a good market man when I get into a man Brixham does a firework show to that my grandad takes me to watch they were really loud and some bounced off the water it made my brother jump but I wasn’t scared

I love it in Brixham I love throwing stones on the water aswel but I can never make them bounce I do keep trying I like the pirate boat grandad told me it was a real one but now it stays on shore one day I went crabbing and caught 9 big crabs I was really pleased but I put them back when I was finished I love to visit my grandad and don’t like it when we have to go home but grandma said that Brixham will be there forever and I can go back whenever I want to I want to go back for the pirate shows some can join in and be a pirate