Young Travel Writers 2015

Cerys Prescott, 11

Last updated 20th July 2022


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Author: Cerys Prescott
Age: 11

A Trip of Adrenaline The week began with a 2½ hour journey to Ashford, Kent. I was travelling to an activity place called Kingswood, for my school’s residential trip. Once there, we were greeted profoundly by staff.

Our main instructor was called Lauren. She was extremely smiley, nice, helpful, and so was everyone else. Unfortunately, we were a little early so our rooms weren’t ready but Lauren offered us a tour, which was nice of her. Eventually, our rooms were ready and we headed to our accommodation. The rooms were exquisite, except for one thing. The girls (who were on the ground floor) and the boys (who were on the floor above us girls) had one room of four, one or two single rooms along each corridor, and lots of rooms of twos. Each room had an ensuite bathroom with a shower. Sadly, most of the showers didn’t work, which was unfortunate because we were made too shower every day.

The activities were amazing! There were so many. Some of the best ones were: • 3G swing- the 3G swing was where two people were harnessed and strapped in to a metal bar, which you needed to hold firmly. Then, your group would you pull you up either too the yellow flag, (the lowest level, for people who don’t like heights), the blue flag (the second level, for people who are not great with heights but want to push themselves) or the red flag (as you’ve probably guessed, the highest, for the people who are very brave and want to challenge themselves). Once at your height level, you or your partner would pull the ripcord and plunge into a death defying swoop and swing back and forth. • High equilibrium- a great way for people to test their nerves up high! Once harnessed in, you had to climb up a wooden pole and try to get to the top. At the top, there was a seesaw. If you climbed up with a partner, and could stand up on the seesaw, you would have a chance to play an exhilarating game called bum wars. (Where you have the push the other person off the seesaw, using only your bum). • Leap of faith- You had to climb up a wooden pole (I should warn you, it wobbles a bit when you’re higher up, but it’s alright) and then try and reach for the trapeze hanging in front of you.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t grab the trapeze, you’ll just dangle in the air until you’re lowered down. If you were planning on take your kids or your school, I would recommend them being in year 6 or above, because some of the activities were quite scary and there was one activity I couldn’t do because you had to be 13+. If you get a chance to go, take it. It was such a great experience for me and I would love to share it with my family, and you.