Young Travel Writers 2015

Arushi Treanor, 8

Last updated 23rd July 2022

Author: Arushi Treanor
Age: 8

April 10th Dear diary, This Easter was brilliant! We enjoyed a weekend in center parks and it was amazing! The center parks we went to was in Longleat. One of my favorite activities was when me and my dad had fun at the tree top adventure .We were climbing up in the treetops, it started down low and gradually got higher and higher. At the end we went on a really cool zip wire which went over a lake( and loads of people were canoeing underneath us) and water flew into my eyes! It was totally exhilarating ! Our villa was nice and cosy!

We unpacked and I had a rectangle room with two beds in it all to myself. ! After that we went to the swimming pool and I thought it was very glamorous! The swimming area was huge with restaurants around it. There was probably about 5-6 places to have a dip ! When we jumped in the swimming pools they were cold but we soon warmed Up by moving around. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and it was relaxing. We went to the outside pool last because it was really warm. I wasn’t brave enough to try the cold plunge pool but the rapids were fun but my two brothers were too small to do it. After that we went back to the villa on the bus to have lunch with was scrumptious! ( yum yum!)???? That night was snug. I was exhausted after our long day. I read a bit of my Jacqueline Wilson novel and then I fell fast asleep, dreaming of tomorrow, exhausted but cheerfully.

The next day was just as thrilling. We went swimming again and slid down some super speedy slides which I adored. We had lots of fun splashing about in the pool! The fun never ended! After that we went for lunch, did some more activities such as archery, fencing and badminton and then we went to cafe rouge where we ate our supper next to the fish pond and laughed in the play area. Then we ate some chocolate eggs! I got a chocolate horse from my granny and a chocolate egg from my friend Ava and they were yummy! That weekend was the best!