Young Travel Writers 2015

Jordan Forrest, 11

Last updated 20th July 2022

Jordan forrest florida trip

Author: Jordan Forrest
Age: 11

While I was holidaying in Florida I remember seeing my granddads house for the first time and I found alligators snapping and swimming around the house literally it was awesome! Later on that day we went to the pool for a nice animal free swim, but what did I see lots of lizards crawling round the pool so I couldn’t go in. I mean massive lizards there was my animal free swim gone! The following day we went to Disney.

We went on a cool, 50 foot water flume called Splash Mountain, trust me it seemed more than 50 foot. Mum and I went on it. I have never ever been on a water flume before, so I didn’t know what I to expect. I remember on the ride we were going through the magical scenery around me however when I stopped thinking that it was the drop there it was suddenly, me and mum were zooming down the water flume as fast as a rocket. Well I don’t know how it happened but I found myself at the bottom of the flume. I was near enough bone dry while my mum was literally drenched from top to bottom! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The best day ever! How I managed to stay dry I do not know. 3rd day holidaying I was at my granddad’s boat dock while the sun was blazing down on me (it was melting hot) as I went on granddads boat, sitting at the front of the boat, enjoying the wind blowing into my face. It was amazing.

The rest of the family were sitting at the back of the boat, BOOM suddenly the boat met a rough bit and no one warned me that there was a 50% chance that I might have got a bit wet so I was just enjoying the wind till a splash of water hit me in the face. It was funny. The week later I went to another theme park called Islands of Adventure after waiting in the ginormous line. We went to a water flume called Jurassic Park which I recall reading it was 100ft drop. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I honestly didn’t think I was going to find myself on it, but surprisingly there I was on it with some of my family.

It took us through the scenes of Jurassic park. As we were going up a hill I thought there was a real T rex at the top and I was going to get eaten as I reached its mouth there I was going down the flume. I remember finding myself drenched not like Disney land. I mean drenched totally I couldn’t believe how wet I got. Well a couple of days later my holiday was over and I can say it was the best holiday ever and it was EPIC! I left Florida in 30o sunshine and arrived home in 4o rain …drenched again!!!!