Young Travel Writers 2015

Alfie Heath, 6

Last updated 21st July 2022

Author: Alfie Heath

Age: 6

I am Alfie and I am six. When I was nearly two, I went to Tunisia. My sister was there too but not born, only in my mummy’s tummy. My Daddy took us to the beach and asked my mummy to marry him. I don’t remember that but I do remember smelly camels, digging on the beach and lots of Emus. I have seen lots of photos.

When I was nearly 4 my mummy and daddy got married in Kos Greece with lots of my family and friends. My sister Ava came and was nearly two. I wore a smart grey suit, had a day with the boys and had orange juice champagne on the beach after. It was fun because I got to play on the beach and try and drive a golf buggy. My mum had a big white dress and looked like an actual real princess and Queen. The funniest thing though was after the wedding. Lots of family flew back home, and my mummy shared a bath with my sister and me. Ava did an unexpected poo in the bath! My mummy screamed and got us out of the bath quick. My Daddy could not stop laughing. Ava couldn’t stop laughing. I laughed even though it was gross, like the fake poos in my Gross Science and Box of Shocks sets.

We had to then all have a shower, so we were not smelly like the Camels in Tunisia! We are lucky as we all like water in our family. I learned to swim in Greece without armbands and now I can swim loads and go to a swimming club. My sister can swim 25m too and she is now 4. We can’t wait to go somewhere hot again, as it was so much fun. We have been on camping holidays and stayed in some hotels and a cottage in this country, Scotland and Wales, with our friends which have been really fun, but it I would like to go somewhere hot again. Hopefully this holiday won’t be smelly!