Young Travel Writers 2015

Olivia Marcham, 11

Last updated 17th July 2022

Author: Olivia Marcham
Age: 11

Phuket, Thailand was my favourite holiday…so far! We even took Grandpa because he has never had any proper adventures. One day we would be hand feeding milk to adorable baby tigers at the Tiger KIngdom then the next day the grown ups would want to relax so we did boogie boarding in the most beautiful sea on an amazing white beach.

My twin brother Max and I asked if we could ride elephants and mummy was worried that it was cruel, so she found an amazing sanctuary in the National Forest. The magnificent animals were happy here as they lived in their natural habitat and they were very well cared for. My elephant “Maya” took us for an hour’s ride through the jungle and down a beautiful river. It was a bit wobbly but the seats were nice and comfy. The food was amazing with lots of new things to try. My favourite was the Tempura Prawns with sweet chilli dip. At home you only get a few small ones but in Thailand you have 12 absolute whoppers for only £2! My mum’s favourite part was the massages. She said that her back ache had completely gone and she had one every day that we went to the beach because it was only £4.

Another highlight was the jungle experience. We rode on rafts that were so low in the water, we thought they would sink but they never did, and we drifted for miles down a river where we saw an emerald green snake on the tree above. Then the guides took us into painted caves with Buddha statues and they gave us cookies and made coffee for us in long bamboo tubes. We felt like we were in another world. My mum said that before we ‘grow up and leave her’ that she is going to take us on an adventure every single year. I will never forget my adventure in Thailand.