5 Once-in-a-Lifetime Animal Encounters at Club Med - Family Traveller (USA)


Getting up-close-and-personal with animals on vacation is a truly memorable experience for kids that's sure to leave a lasting impression. Not to mention it can also help incite a lasting passion for protecting and conserving wildlife. Club Med recognizes both the educational and the inspirational effects these animal encounters can have; which is why they offer responsible and unique animal experiences for their guests. Don't miss these once-in-a-lifetime animal encounters on your next Club Med vacation.

1/5 Watch Turtles Hatch at Club Med Ixtapa Pacific

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Between the months of October and May, families will have the chance to marvel at an experience like no other at Club Med Ixtapa Pacific in Mexico—the hatching of baby turtles. After breaking through the shell, the hatchlings instinctively make their way towards the ocean, creating a magical spectacle as hundreds of them scramble across the sand in unison. It is also an excellent opportunity to provide youngsters with a clear insight into the importance of sustainability and the delicate balance of our ecosystem.