Family Vacation Guide to San Jose, Costa Rica

21st June 2019

With palm-shaded beaches, lush stretches of rain and cloud forest and wildlife refuges offering spectacular bird and animal viewing, Costa Rica is a family-friendly paradise. But the scenic country has another draw: It’s one of the few Central American destinations with clean water. This means that visitors can not only brush their teeth and drink H20 straight from the tap, but they can enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables without fear. The delicious refresco iced fruit juices made of mango, papaya, passion fruit, strawberries and more – seen on every menu – are safe. 

What’s more, the local culinary and “maker” scene is booming. San Jose boasts innovative farm-to-table restaurants and entire neighborhoods like Barrio Escalante famous for creative food and craft drinks. Here’s a look at the perfect family vacation guide to San Jose, Costa Rica. 

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