Inside a Magical Willy Wonka-Themed Dessert Shop - Family Traveller (USA)

The Inventing Room in Denver is a sweet surprise for kids and parents alike. This Willy Wonka–inspired dessert shop goes far beyond your usual cookies and macarons. The wild molecular techniques used in this colorful storefront produce fun concoctions to delight taste buds. Think Twizzler Space Foam, Mexican Fried Ice Cream with Nitro Chocolate and Frozen Hot Chocolate topped with Exploding Whipped Cream. And don’t miss the monthly dinner event, when the restaurant offers a menu full of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory–style whimsy. See some of the amazing desserts the team cooks up and serves below.

Frozen Mocha with Exploding Whipped Cream

Nitro Caramel Popcorn

Chocolate Waffle with Graham Cracker Ice Cream, Burnt Marshmallow & Exploding Whipped Cream

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