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The Best Activities at Discovery Cove for Every Age

Last updated 15th May 2018

Discovery Cove is an enchanting tropical getaway you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to experience — it’s set right in Orlando. With warm sandy beach areas for lounging, winding warm rivers to float down and animal encounters that range from feeding exotic birds to swimming with sharks, everyone in the family will find an activity (or two or three!) that they love. From tiny toddlers to teens, these are the best activities for everyone in the family to experience and enjoy.

Babies and Toddlers

The youngest in your crew can still find plenty to love at Discovery Cove. Get some sun building sand castles on the beach or cool off in one of the Serenity Bay Pools that have plenty of warm, shallow areas for splashing around. Swimming vests and wetsuits, as well as life vests, are available for even the littlest swimmers (vests are offered starting at a size -4 for babies). Slightly older toddlers may also enjoy the shallow areas of The Grand Reef, but be prepared — the water here is much cooler than in the warm-water pools.

Age 6-9

Starting at age six, kids can enjoy one of the park’s signature experiences: swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Lagoon. In this 30-minute interactive adventure kids will delight in getting a dolphin kiss, swimming while holding onto their new friend’s fins and watching the training demonstrations. Life vests are available and the swim portion has both shallow and deep water options, so even less strong swimmers can participate.


Courtesy of Discovery Cove

Kids will also love grabbing a mask and snorkel and swimming among thousands of tropical fish and gliding rays in The Grand Reef. The water ranges in depth here so swimmers of all ages and levels can enjoy and plenty of fish are still visible even in the shallower areas.

While away the afternoon in the Wind-away River. Perfect for younger kids or those who are less advanced swimmers, they can grab a noodle and take in the tropical sights and waterfalls while lazily floating down the warm-water river. Make a stop at the aviary where kids of all ages will light up when a colorful bird lands on their arm and eats right from a cup in their hands.

Kids six and up can also participate in the recently added Ray Feed program. Get The Grand Reef all to yourself while friendly rays come splashing up into your lap to suck their breakfast out of your hand while you gently pet their backs.


Courtesy of Discovery Cove

Age 10 & Up

Older kids will love snorkeling in the deep-water portions of The Grand Reef and peering through the glass under water at all the sharks. For daring teens who really want a thrill, kids 10 and up can get up-close-and-personal with the sharks in the recently added Shark Swim experience. Learn about the five kinds of sharks the park has while one sits in your lap. Then freely snorkel with them through their habitat.

SeaVenture allows guests ages 10 and up to wear a specially designed helmet that lets you easily breath underwater. Walk along the bottom of The Grand Reef for a different view of the fish and one-on-one unique touching experiences with some of the underwater sea life.


Courtesy of Discovery Cove


Adults will also love the truly unique experiences and animal interactions offered at Discovery Cove. Parents can easily soak up the sun in the lounge chairs or rent a private cabana to relax in while keeping an eye on kids splashing around in the pools and rivers. In addition to all food, alcoholic beverages are included in the price of admission, so go ahead and sip a glass of wine or enjoy a piña colada while you lay back and enjoy the hammock.

Courtesy of Discovery Cove