6 Interactive Museums Just for Kids in Florida - Family Traveller (USA)


Glazer Children’s Museum

Located in Tampa, kids will love this fun spot that feels more like a playground than a museum. Children can become a captain or dig for buried treasure at the CruiseShip exhibit, unleash their inner artist at Artsmart, become a master chef at Pizza Place or innovate in the incredible robotics lab.

Miami Children’s Museum

Exhibits include the Construction Zone, where kids can use the crane and bulldozer, or the Bank exhibit, where a six-foot piggy bank and interactive screens make learning about earnings, savings, and money fun. On the second Saturday of every month sensory friendly experiences allow kids with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorders and global developmental delays to enjoy the museum, too.

Orlando Science Center

DinoDigs takes visitors back to the prehistoric era, while the Kinetic Zone helps children learn about electricity and gravity. At the new Flight Lab, kids will delight in the virtual experience of flying from the cockpit using Oculus Rift head-mounted display units.

Explorations V Children’s Museum

The “V” in this Lakeland museum’s name is a Roman numeral and centered on the idea that children use all five senses to learn. Kids will love the looming dragon over the entryway made entirely of toys. Plus, they can practice being a newscaster, extinguish a simulated fire or become a producer for the day in the Music & Sound Studio.

Imaginarium Science Center

Kids can get truly hands-on experiences at the aptly named Hands-On Hall and at exhibits like the Sea to See Touch Tanks. Get up close with aquatic animals like horseshoe crabs and rays. Dive into the past using technology of the future at the Virtual-Reality Exhibit where visitors can immerse themselves in the original fort of Fort Myers and see where the soldiers carried out daily activities.

Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee

You can’t actually blast off into space yet, but families can get the next-best thing here. Perfect for multi-gen vacations and trips with multiple families (they require nine people per simulation), the Space Mission Simulator allows team members to work as scientists and engineers on space missions. The missions can be tailored by age range to suit everyone from adults all the way down to little explorers as young as 3.

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