5 Tips for Driving in Florida

Last updated 16th October 2017

Florida is undoubtedly one of the best places in the States for a road trip, and it’s no surprise that tens of thousands of families head there every year for vacation.

You’re probably an old hand at driving, but these helpful tips will make your adventure that much easier and safer so you can focus on the beautiful scenery.

Not so fast: Florida speed limits vary: 70mph on Interstates (like I-4), 65mph on four-lane highways outside urban areas, 60mph on other state highways (like State Road 40).

Children stay seated: Kids five or under must be in a car seat for journeys in Florida – rear-facing for babies under 12 months or 20lb. Kids 12 and older can legally sit in the front.

Pay to save time: Florida’s Turnpike, which connects Orlando to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, is a toll road. It tends to be less busy – and faster – than other highways. The journey from Miami to Orlando costs around $13.50.

Look outside: A game of I Spy is more fun in a place where ‘A’ is for ‘Alligator’.

Take your technology: If car games fail, an iPad or portable DVD player will not.