Canada: 9 Canadian adventures for the family vacation bucket list

Chris Brosnan
6th March 2021

Canada could fill a family vacation bucket list all by itself. So if you’re fingers crossed for freedom to travel soon, take a look at our top nine adventures to have with kids all over Canada when we can all go anywhere again. Nobody can stop us family travelers dreaming and planning!

family adventures in Canada

1/9 Kayaking with Beluga Whales, Churchill, Manitoba

They’re called, ‘the white ghosts of the north’, and no other cetacean is more distinctive or wonderfully strange than the blanched Beluga Whale.

Every year, from mid-July to mid-August thousands of these mesmerising creatures gather at the Churchill River Estuary on Hudson Bay in the far northern reaches of Manitoba. They’re ridiculously sociable with each other and insatiably curious about human interlopers sailing or snorkelling in their territory. Get close enough to one and don’t be surprised if it turns and looks at you: Beluga are the only whale with flexible necks.

Obviously they aren’t as huge as Killer Whales (almost nothing is) but an adult male weighs in at about 500 kilos and tops lengths of four metres. So for all the milky, smiley face cuteness, they’re pretty imposing to be around.

One of the best ways to meet Beluga with kids is to take a kayaking tour from Churchill town. No paddling experience is needed and double kayaks are great for younger children. All tours are accompanied by safety Zodiac – the more sailors, the more dinghies. And calm weather’s a pre-requisite for sailing so no Captain Ahab drama on this astonishing adventure.

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